A Play Day...

I thought we'd have some fun today...things certainly have been crazy around here...so I took some pictures and will share them with you.  They are pictures of...Angel and Rosie. They played off and on all day yesterday!  Rosie is the Grey and White Toy Poodle on the left - she will be 4 years old on Valentine's Day and weighs nearly 12#.  Angel is the Tri-Color Coton de Tulear on the right..she is only 6 months old and weighs almost 8#.  Angel is all Hair!!  Rosie is all
Muscle with little hair since I clipped her a couple of days ago.  Before I did that she actually looked just as large as Angel!  Usually Angel plays from a laying down position.

But when Rosie plays too long, too rough or does something Angel doesn't like...believe me when I say, she goes after Rosie!!  They have alot of fun together.  Where's Jasper when all of this is going on?   Laying in one of the other 2 beds in my office, trying not to attract attention.  When he plays, he wants to be the instigator and he wants to play with both of the girls!!  He is nearly 6 years old and weighs in at 7#.

And they're off...

Rosie's nibbling on Angel...
Rosie's a blur here...

Now they're Both a blur...Angel is getting up off of her back and Rosie's in the process of turning around.

Angel's saying, "Don't worry mommy, I've got Rosie right where I want her!"

Rosie's ducking because she sees Angel getting ready to jump at her!
Rosie looks so innocent.  Don't let her fool you.  She's been barking and pawing at Angel and nibbling her paws.

See Angel's mouth wide open?

Angel's playing possum here...

Angel's on her back, getting Rosie's Belly - and soon Rosie will really attack!

At this point they retreated to the Water and Food Bowls for some needed nourishment.

They are so cute playing together.  And though there is growling from Rosie that sounds like a thousand bumblebees and squeaks and growling from Angel...they are ever so gentle with one another.  

They sure keep me company during the day, to say nothing of them entertaining me!

Oh...the other thing that's so funny is...Rosie didn't want to have anything to do with any NEW puppy when we saw them at the Breeder in Indiana.  She hid behind hubby and I on the sofa we were on.  She ran away from any puppy that got to her.  She even growled at some of them.  She didn't snap at anyone or do anything mean.  But, to think she was that way only 3 weeks ago...and this way now.  And during those 3 weeks, Angel spent one day and night in the ER hospital and 2 days recovering from her reaction to the rabies injection she got.  Then it's been a bit over a week that she's been "quiet" after her spay surgery.  So, all in all, Angel and our other 2 pups have really only had about 8-10 days together.  LOL!!
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Oh they are the cutest playing together like best little puppy siblings. Love these pics.

  2. Oh their little couch!!!!! Spoiled!!! I love it Ms. Jan, it's so good to see happy puppy times in your home again!

  3. Aww...how cute! They look like little stuffed toys!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)