Black Armoire

My Display Window

I love how my Display Window has taken shape.  It's in my Office, in the top part of the Armoire {doors have been removed} and when the Glass French Doors to the office are open almost all the way, it looks exactly like this from just outside the office...from my Living Room/Great Room.  It's not a large
area - maybe 34" wide and 36" high...maybe.  In the back of the opening, I tacked up a piece of Minky Fleece in a pink leopard print and layered it with a pretty oval lace doily {just pinned onto the leopard fabric}.  On the bottom, I have vintage crocheted doilies...Perfect!  It gets changed quite frequently.  It's easy enough to hardly takes any time at all...and just dresses up that corner of the office.

On the right side, I've added another doily and a pretty hanging pillow.

Inside, I've included Pretty Boxes, a Clock and some of my Handmade Jewelry...and a lamp for soft lighting.

On the left side, I've hung a metal Painted Plaque and surrounded it with more of my Jewelry. 

For softness, I've added a Bunny Rabbit, with her baby.  I just love her hat and Rose.

Another Rabbit in the other corner, accompanied by a precious little Teddy Bear.

A close-up of the pretty Hanging Pillow.

This Armoire has always been black and originally it was purchased with a Black Bed and Nightstand for the Guest Room.  When we decided to make the Guest Room into a Den, it was used as extra storage and then finally, after I got rid of the TV stand, itwas used to hold the TV.  It had doors on it, too...along with four drawers {only two are visible} at the bottom.  After using it for the TV with the doors on it {which neither were pocket doors nor folded all the way back to open} I decided to remove the doors completely.

In November, I moved the Armoire into a niche in my office, behind the door.  Then, I decorated it...and I love how it turned out.  It adds some light and in that corner of the room - next to a closet and behind the french doors.

On top, there is a Hat Box, with none other than more Leopard Print and Roses.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing what I've done with My Armoire.  What have you done with pieces of furniture in your home to turn them into a display area...with storage?
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Very cute! I love those little bunnies, and have a collection of them. fun idea for an amoire.

  2. Hi Jan, What a wonderful display and it sure does look like an elegant shop window. I love the animal print background and all your special touches. I even see some familiar items. LOL So enjoying the crackling fire too. So warm and cozy. Stay warm as I hear you are in for some more snow!!

  3. Hi Jan, I absolutely LOVE your black armoire and how you have decorated it. It looks exactly how Celeste mentions, an elegant shop window. I love it when I visit a page and I'm instantly inspired to create. Thank you for sharing, friend.
    I hope you're off to a great week. Love the crackle and pop from the fire.

  4. Oh, and I ABSOLUTELY love your new header.