Cold & Snow

Dangerous Winter Blast Plunging into Central and Eastern U.S. this Weekend
Be Prepared, Be Careful ~ Stay Warm & Safe.  Besides heavy snow {Ion Dropped 12" here}, very cold wind chills are forecast.  This has been the Snowiest and Coldest Winter as long as I've lived in Michigan - almost 9 years.  Many areas have seen record cold and snow too.  Here is what our Courtyard
and Surrounding Area looks, since the snow that fell on Wednesday (9").  The dogs are thoroughly enjoying it!

This is a neighbor out sweeping his porch - he's 91

This Snow Wave is about 5' Tall - behind our Neighbor's House

Here are the Pups, out in the snow!  Rosie & Angel love getting in the deeper snow and then plopping their faces in it (see Rosie) and then they take off running!!  Funny little Pups.

Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Hi Jan, WOW just look at that snowfall!! We are feeling the cold way down here in Texas. Your pics even look cold. Love seeing the pups in there coats enjoying the outdoors. Stay warm, safe and cozy inside!!