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222 Merchant Street

New Buffalo, Michigan

We love staying in Vacation Rental Homes and I thought I would share one with you today...and tell you some of the important things I look for in a house we're about to rent.  First and most important to us is the house must allow our 3 Pups.  Together, the 3 of them weigh 34# and they are trained and they're also hypo-allergenic and don't shed.  Yes, they drop some of their hair - just
like humans do...but there is virtually no dander, thereby no allergies.  Along with allowing our 3 Pups, I look for reasonable rates for them to stay with us in the house.  Some places don't charge anything extra at all {far and few between, but a few are available}.

Some charge hefty security deposits for dogs {like up to $1500 - I won't pay that, it's unreasonable}.  Others charge a $250 deposit and a nightly fee per dog - {insert rolling eyes here, because this can get unbelieveably expensive}.

When I get a quote for our Pups to stay and spend a week with us...I have come to expect some sort of refundable security deposit of $250 and a weekly {7 nights} fee of $200 for the 3 Pups.  If I'm quoted much higher, I send links in an email to other places that I could rent who charge alot less.  Usually, I get a re-quote that matches or beats the best link I send.
This home is located in a residential area of New Buffalo, Michigan...near the eastern shores of Lake Michigan.  It's about a 3 hour drive from our home to the house.  We've come to really like vacations that don't always require a 9 1/2 hour car ride one way.  :) 

I also make sure that any house I'm considering has at least 2 bedrooms, preferably 3...just for the additional space for suit cases and dog crates and all the things we bring with well as anything we purchase!

There is a Hot Tub outside on the patio now {not shown here}

I also will only consider a home if it has 2 Bathrooms.  I'm so accustomed to having 2 at home, that I will only rent homes with 2 as well.  Sometimes we have friends or family over while we're on vacation and I don't like sharing my bathroom with visitors.

We definitely want/need a TV...with cable.  We go on vacation to enjoy the house we stay in.  We don't do alot of tourist types of things.  And with the 3 Pups, we enjoy spending time in the house...or on the porch.  Speaking of a porch, this house has a very pretty, covered front porch.

I also check to see what kind of furniture they have in the photos...because alot of homes are putting multiple futons in Great Rooms, which I find to be very uncomfortable, with their wooden arms and lack of support...and if I do see them, I cross them off my list of possibilities. 

We also prefer a house that has central heat, air conditioning and a fireplace...for comfort and aesthetics.

I love a nice kitchen, some cabinet space for the items I bring with us and the groceries I purchase, since I do alot of cooking and baking while on vacation.

I also look for unusual things in a house - like this nook off the kitchen...I really love this.

I also look for a home that is rented By Owner.  Sometimes I just can't find one where I want to stay and will rent from a larger place...but I still prefer dealing directly with an owner of the property.  To me it shows pride in ownership...and you are generally treated better and usually owners are more flexible than a business owner.

Of course, another "must have" is an internet connection.  A desk is great too...I love this one in the loft overlooking the front door, kitchen nook and Great Room.

Here is the Lower Level Great Room

And I love a comfy bedroom.  No Bed-In-A-Bag for me - you know what I mean, don't you?  I don't like seeing bedrooms that have the cheapest looking comforter {usually a gawdy print or a drab plain fabric}, dust ruffle, pillow shams and pillows that appear to have had the air let out of them!!  

Theis is the Master Bedroom, I'm not sure if it's the current one or not - rather stark to me.  There is another Master Bedroom photo shown in the listing on VRBO on the 2nd level with a skylight in it that doesn't look anything like this photo.  I'd have to ask about it.
I like the look of this bedroom more than the one above.
I always ask for a location, if they don't show it on the map in the listing, so that I can Google the general area and check out restaurants, grocery stores, shopping, bakeries and antiques.  I like to know what there is to see and do, if and when I decide I want to do it.

I also select a time for our vacation based on how many people will be around.  Consequently, we vacation more often in April/May and October/November...thereby getting better rates. 

This is the Link to this home...Click Here 

Go check it out - there are additional photos on the site and lots of information!  What do you think? 

I haven't received any compensation for offering this's just a passion of mine to find the best possible place to stay for a reasonable price...for the 5 of us.
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. This looks like alot of fun. This past summer, we had our first experience with a rental home, and it was great. Something I would definitely try out again. Nice being settled in to a "place to call our own" for a wonderful vacation. I can imagine it would be rather expensive to take your dogs. I am lucky that my neighbor always dogsits for me, and my dogs love going to visit. Good to know that they are in good hands!

  2. Hi Jan, this home looks like the perfect vacation spot. So many charming details. I could spend a lot of time here just doing nothing but relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.
    Have a nice weekend.