Do You Need Help? Let's Stop Domestic Violence!

Domestic Violence is a subject that I feel strongly about, since being at the hands of an abuser years ago.  I also had a friend who suffered from Domestic Violence and she did not survive the last beating by her husband.  Neither did the baby she was carrying.  They both lost their lives on the Kitchen Floor in their Home.  I had tried to help, by giving her ideas of people she should call.  I was there at the end.

This week, this Video tells the story of Amy, who was killed by her husband on November 8, 2001 in Pennsylvania, as she was attempting to get items she would need to take care of her children.  She had decided she'd "had it" with her husband and the abuse.  She was leaving.  Please watch the short 15 minute video at the end of this post.  After doing so, please look through and read the PDF at the Link below.  If we've got the information in our heads or at our fingertips, perhaps we can help someone, or ourselves, when it happens next. 
PDF Frequently Asked Questions about Domestic Violence

Thanks for stopping in this month, I'll be back with an update next month, on March 26th with more about Domestic Violence.  If you are a victim of domestic violence, please contact authorities. 
Domestic Violence can impact many aspects of a person’s life. The abuse affects not only the victim but also your children, your loved ones and your co workers. Domestic Violence can have long lasting physical, emotional and financial effects. No one deserves to be abused. It is not your fault. Help is available through many local resources including the Probation Departments Victim/Witness Assistance Center.

Remember...I am a Survivor...and I am praying that someone,
perhaps YOU, will read this and watch the video and ask for help.

If you would like me to pray with you, let me know...just message me and I'd be honored to pray.
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

I'm Jan and I'm happy you stopped in. Please, leave a comment and follow along..

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  1. Jan this is great and I know it will help someone out there looking for help and answers as to what to do. You are to be commended for bringing attention to this.
    Happy Wednesday.