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All of us have been through rough times...or will go through them.  Only with God at our sides, can we get through them.  His Daily Bread nourishes us and helps us through the matter how small or how large.  Nearly 2 years ago, I got Bell's Palsy and a severe case at that.  Bell's Palsy strikes without any warning and most of the time without an exact cause.  It paralyzes the muscles of one or both sides of your face and head and sometimes even the muscles in the neck are affected, since they begin in portions of your face.  The affected side has an eye
that will not close or even blink, it's difficult to speak clearly, you definitely can not smile, you can't chew and your face all droops and you sometimes drool.  Most treatments by physicians include a round of Steroids and Anti-Viral meds.

Since I couldn't take Steroids, following a severe reaction to them several years ago, the ER physician gave little hope that I'd have healing of any magnitude.  He basically told me that if I didn't improve in the next couple of weeks, I wouldn't.

I knew better.  I have a God who gave me a sense of peace about it.  No, I didn't like having Bell's Palsy (BP) and I would have traded it for spinach or many other distasteful things in a heartbeat...but I had it and had to live with it.  I began studying about it and doing things that I felt the Lord directing me to do to help myself heal.  Everything I did, did NOT include any medications.   Everything was holistic.  I saw my massage therapist the Monday after this all happened {May 28, 2012 - Memorial Day} and I've seen her and a few other therapists for different healing modalities and treatments.

And I prayed.  My family and friends prayed.

Although things did not improve in a couple of weeks, I didn't give up hope.  As a matter of fact, I was helping others on several Bell's Palsy on-line Groups deal with their symptoms and reassuring them that what they were going through was going to get better.  God told me it would.

Now, I know not everyone heals completely from BP.  But most do.  Even without medication.

It took 100 days for me to see the tiniest movement in my face - at the corner of my mouth.  That was a long time.  I am now healed about 97% or so and the rest of my healing still continues to this Day - Day #628 {if I counted correctly}.  PTL!!

I know that if I do as God directs me to...and I ask Him for all I need, as in Give me this Day my Daily Bread, I will have all I need to heal.  

I've been following a Nikki's Blog {Chef In Training Blog} for a while now, but never knew the BIG part of her story...until yesterday.  And I was reminded how important it is to ask the Lord for Our Daily Bread...every day!  Nikki shared a wonderful salad recipe on her blog and in the story of the salad, she mentioned the struggles that she and her husband Derek endured.

In the midst of the turmoil they called upon the Father for their Daily Bread...and Nikki's Mother at one point, told Nikki, “Right now you just have to get through today, and then we will take tomorrow when it comes. You need to be asking your Heavenly Father for your daily bread, what you need to get you through each day, not worrying about the bread you will need tomorrow.”

Nikki and her husbands story revolves around him getting Guillain Barre Syndrome...back in 2012.

Please, read Nikki's recounting of those days and the struggles she and Derek went through and how they depended upon and received their "DAILY BREAD"


Grab a box of Kleenex, you'll need it.  God is amazing...and His Daily Bread is Life-Giving, Life-Restoring and works Miracles!
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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