5th Birthday Today...

Benny would have been 5 years old today.  But, he passed away in December, 2013 from a neurological disease that struck quickly and required me to make a difficult decision to end his misery and suffering later in the day it came on.  But, I know he's waiting at the Rainbow Bridge to see us once again.  I'm thankful that the other 2 pups, Jasper and Rosie, were with us to
observe Benny's passing - it aided in their recovery from his loss.

As for Angel, she came into our life and home a mere 3 weeks after Benny died...and she sniffed around - everywhere - as though she were trying to figure out where that "other" scent came from on all of the toys and furniture and flooring.  She may never have met Benny, but she "knows" him!
Here are all of our Pups...in a special Collage I put together,
that I will share more about in another post.
We have A Bouquet of Balloons...
And A Birthday Cake...
And our Birthday Pup, Benny.

He should have been here, celebrating his 5th Birthday today with us but instead he's waiting at the RAINBOW BRIDGE that is in the very First Photo in this post.  We're sad that he's not here.  It's been 3 1/2 months since he died and we miss him.  In the photo above, he's seen laying and resting on his favorite blanket...during the Summer of 2013.  We're thankful that we had him as long as we did, but wish we'd had him here with us much longer.  ♥ 

Please read about what happened to Our Special Pup, Benny, that prompted us to make the decision to put him to sleep on December 7, 2013...at the young age of 4 years and 8 months...

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Thanks for joining me and helping to remember Benny today.
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Happy Birthday to Benny at Rainbow Bridge! I know they are giving him a grand party today. You have special memories and may that be your comfort today my friend!!
    Love the pretty wreath below. I just got that follow by email post with this one this morning. Not sure why they are so late everyday.
    Happy First Day of Spring!

  2. Jan, I remember when Benny crossed the Rainbow Bridge. So sad and he was so young. My sister just got a new puppy and she is a miniature
    Awwwww, Benny was adorable. I know you miss him so much. My sister had to her put pup down about the same time as you. She was old though. Her children just gave her a new Shih Tzu minnature pup and she is adorable. Her name is Miling. It is amazing how much we love our darling pups.

    Your birthday party is a sweet thing to do. Your pups are all so cute. Benny was so loved and he knew it Jan. He was a lucky pup to have you for parents.