Angel's First Haircut & More

A few days ago, after I gave Angel her bath, I decided it was time to give her a major haircut.  When she came to live with us, her hair was 4" or so long.  It wasn't too difficult to take care of.  It was easily combed, especially when she had baths on a short schedule.  Her hair was near her eyes...but she looked just adorable.  She didn't like it when I put her hair up in a bow or with a clip.  She'd shake her head until it fell out or would rub it out when she rubbed her head all around the living room on the carpet. Here she is today...after the haircut!
Just a Reminder...
of how Angel used to look - her first big photo shoot & her debut video!

photo of Angel just before we picked her up to bring her December 2013
Jjust about a month ago, after I trimmed her paws and around her eyes
Now, for Puppy Picture is her photo shoot from today...She was sitting on a Leopard Print Blanket for her shoot today.  Angel's funny - when I bring out the camera, she turns to this docile, lazy, laying down, heap of a dog. You'd swear she's melting into the floor, bed, chair - whatever she's sitting on.  And she's normally a playful, mischievous little 11#, 8 month old Tri-Color Coton deTulear. 



Our Sweetie-Girl, Angel - She is so precious...
 We love her and so do Jasper and Rosie.

Here is Angel's (formerly known as Aurora) Video
made in December 2013, just prior to her coming home to live with us.

Thanks for stopping by for a peek at our Girl!
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Hi Jan! Little Angel is just a beautiful little girl and you did a great job on her haircut! I love to see a puppy's eyes too. Chloe Dawn's 'eye brows' grow too long and I'm always trimming them. I'm sure little Angel loves seeing her mama now! :) You've changed your blog dress again - it's lovely. Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,

  2. Oh my gosh, Jan! Angel is so adorable and sweet! You did a great job on her hair cut! Those big brown eyes would just melt anyones heart, don't you think? She is just precious and is a natural for the camera:) Katie gets her haircut tomorrow at the "puppy salon". She hates even being brushed, so there is no way she would cooperate with me trying to trim her! She says to tell Angel "woof!"

  3. She's adorable! Love her face. We had a dog when I was a child we called Candy. She had a face that was really similar looking and her hair grew around her eyes like that. We had to keep her short though because her hair would collect everything and it was real hard to brush- real fine. She was some kind of mix that seemed to have cocker in it. Anyway you picture reminded me of her!

  4. What a face!! Instant love. Our daughter has been PLEADING with us for a new pup but we've already been through three and are down to one (who isn't very friendly), so until he passes we have no choice but to wait. Our son brought him home years ago when he found him at an abandoned farm just weeks old. He's a Chihuahua mix so you can imagine. Looking at the face above makes it tempting, but I must wait. :(