Flashback Friday - the 70's

Fashion styles in the 70's were "far out", but we loved 'em! 
Some fashions, like bell bottom pants and tie-dyed shirts from the 60's, joined with the 70's and found their own way.  Wild prints, wild colors, platform shoes that added an extra 3-5" to your height, short shorts - or hot pants, the mini, midi and maxi skirts (3 lengths popular at the same time - quite unusal, and of course the polyester suit, were all part of the 70's fashion.  Dresses, Skirts and even Coats were available in three lengths – mini, midi and maxi – so women could build their wardrobe in any length they preferred.  I personally, loved
the mini and the maxi - the midi, not so much. 

70's Pants
For both men and women, bell bottoms were still popular.  There were hip huggers, embroidered or studded jeans for the women while men were wearing tight velvet or lame pants.  Leisure suits were a hit.  And of course, they were in lots of colors and made of polyester fabric.
By the late 1970s, men and women squeezed into jumpsuits, one-piece outfits that zipped up the front and were usually worn with a wide belt. If you weren't slim, you were advised NOT to wear them!  My husband at the time was very slim and wore a black velvet Jumpsuit that I made just for him, a pointy collar white shirt and a huge macrame tied belt ...remember I love to sew, to his high school reunion.  I wore an outfit that I made for myself - Black Hot Pants and Gold Lame Top and a Burgundy, Green and Black Floral Maxi length vest...platform shoes and we both looked very mod. 

70s Shirts
Loud prints with long, pointed collars and the Leisure suit were hot!
Ladies shirts ran the gamut from peasant-style, flowy tops that had become popular in the late 1960s to skimpy halter tops that were pared with equally-skimpy shorts known as hot pants. 
Here's a pattern I used to make myself a pretty Peasant Top and Skirt - which I loved!
Sequined bra tops were also a common trend and, later, tube tops – a strapless sleeve of stretchy fabric that pulled over the head and covered the upper torso – were all the rage.
I also made a Peasant style, flowy top and skirt, that I absolutely loved. 

70s Accessories
Belts went the way of beads or handmade macrame creations. Large peace sign necklace or surfer’s crosses were worn around the neck on heavy chains, attesting to the importance of peace to those who were growing up during this era following the Vietnam Conflict.

The most notable accessory of the 70s had to be the platform shoe. Worn by women of all ages and some men as well, these shoes were in every hip store in the country and some not-so-hip shops as well.

Later in the 70's the extreme opposite of the Platform shoe was produced, called the “Earth Shoe”, a product of Scandinavia...very plain. 

What do you have fond memories of from the 70's?
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Do you remember Peplums?
They were popular in the 40's and again in the decade after the 70's - the 80's.  It was one of my favorite styles.  Perhaps one day we'll visit the 80's on Flashback Friday!
Meanwhile, here's a photo of a 2 piece dress I made for myself.  I wore it to a good friend's wedding!
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Hi Jan, wow this is great. I remember all these trends of the 70's and had most all you feature here. Even the hair styles in the long shag. Love the dress you made for your friends wedding. That could nearly be worn today as I have seen new versions in the boutiques. Thanks for this great flashback and all the memories.
    Happy Friday!!
    Hugs and Blessings

  2. Jan,
    what a treat!!!
    I loved the 70s style even though I was a teen in the 80s...
    my favorite show was the brady bunch..
    gotta love Marsha....
    xo marissa

  3. It's great to think back to those times. I loved it all, except school. ;)

  4. OMG! My mother made me the pants and bolero from that McCalls pattern. It really received a lot of compliments. I still like the look today, actually, and love that long tunic. We may have had some weird clothes in the seventies, but kids in school all looked neat and clean, and no underwear was ever seen.