Flashback Friday - A Baby

This week, for Flashback Friday, I decided to share a very special event...A Baby Boy Was Born.  On April 6, 1970, at 11:41 am this precious child entered our lives.  We Named Our Son, Stephen Craig.  The Oval Picture was his 1st Birthday and it was done by a professional.  I took the other pictures...and see how cutely he smiled for me?  He was such a good Baby.  No fussing, slept well, potty trained by 14 months of age and he was always smiling!  This is his Photo Album.  He was a good boy...did well in school, is very personable, quite the talker, creative, works hard and has inherited
his good looks and personality from me, of course.  *tongue in cheek*  He's turned into a fantastic man, who cares about people.  He planned his wedding to Lindsay!  And it was absolutely beautiful. 
This is his Family

Stephen is in front on the right...
Younger Brother Jeffrey on the left...
Dad in back on the right...
Mommy on the left.

By now, you've probably guessed,
This is my Son, Stephen.

He has made me so proud to be his Mom.
I love you, Son.
Stephen on the Front Porch Steps at His Great-Grandmas House
with His Younger Brother, Jeffrey {14 months younger}
Stephen's growing up here, as you can tell,
Scouts, Webelos, with His Grandmother, Young Boy
and Young Man.

How time flies.
One year, he gave me this hand-written Mother's Day Card.
It meant more to me than just about anything 
else he could have ever given to me.  

I kept it all these years.
Stephen, the Cub Scout
Here, Stephen is standing shoulder deep in a snow drift in our driveway!

We had only shoveled a path up the driveway after a huge snowstorm.
Good looking young man, wouldn't you say?
All dressed up...
Here he is on his Wedding Day, on June 24, 2010, when he Married Lindsey.

You may remember the Post I wrote about their Wedding Day.
The Happy Couple
You may also recall another Story by Stephen...

About his wife, their 2 dogs and him going Christmas Tree Shopping.
You have to read the post... 

I certainly don't feel old enough to have a son who is going to be 44 on Sunday!  Stephen and I are alot alike.  We're determined, thoughtful, outspoken, driven, hardworking and he's a terrific son.

...Sending you love, hugs and kisses
and Lots of Happy Birthday Wishes...Have a wonderful Day!

Mom, Tom & the Pups

* * * * * * * * * *
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Hi Jan, what a great Flashback Friday. Happy Birthday to your wonderful son. He was a darling baby who grew up to be a handsome guy married to a gorgeous girl. I know you are so proud. Love the pic of you two together. The card is a true treasure. Great growing years photos too.
    Thank you for sharing this special part of your family.
    Happy Weekend.

  2. Happy Birthday to Stephen! What a wonderful son you have, those early photos are so cute! And that card he wrote was super sweet:) You are blessed to have such a wonderful family. And how handsome he is now!

  3. Thank you for sharing these beautiful memories with us, Jan. I enjoyed going through all the photos. Where does the time fly, right? So we share April as well as October birthday celebrations, don't we. Happy birthday to Stephen, and to you! ;)

  4. Hi Jan! Happy Birthday to your handsome son. What a cutie all through his life. You are blessed to have such a great son and you have the right to be proud. You look so pretty in that first family picture! Have a great weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)