Getting New Bedroom Furniture

Part of the Entire House Re-Decorating Scheme, involved getting new Bedroom Furniture for our Master Bedroom.  We even talked about the idea of when we would begin looking for a new mattress.  We thought that could wait for several more years, since ours was VERY expensive and is about 7 years old.  I knew we needed to paint the Master Bedroom before having furniture delivered and if we painted that room, we'd have to paint the
Master Bathroom too.  Truth be told, I'd like to paint like someone else to paint Everything AND our Master Bedroom Walk-In Closet, too!  But, I know that's not going to happen.

And then yesterday, we moved our Bedroom Furniture out to the Garage to sell it.  That involved lugging this VERY heavy Mattress and Foundation off the bed and leaning it against the wall, while we took the side rails and footboard off the headboard, the drawers from the dresser and night stands, having the neighbor come over and help hubby lug all those big heavy pieces of furniture to the garage.  Then the neighbor left.  Then hubby and I moved the foundation and mattress {still big and VERY heavy} back on top.
That's when I noticed it.

I was shocked!

For more than a week now, I've been complaining when I get up in the morning {and during the day} about how sore I've been...especially my hips and lower back.  I thought it was something else that was causing it...certainly didn't think it was the mattress.  Since we got it, I never get up sore in the morning...and I did before we got it.

There is a "rut" about 1/2 way between the head and foot of the mattress.  It goes from side to side.  And I mean it's a "rut".  It's not just a body impression in the foam on the top of our sir!  So, I got on the phone to the store where we purchased in 2007 and talked to the Service Department.  Since our mattress has a wonderful warranty on it, we might not have to think about buying a mattress to replace this one at all.  Praying for good results here.  In my 20+ years of selling mattresses, I've never seen a mattress that looks as bad as ours.  And it feels worse!  I guarantee you!  I never thought I'd feel like this because of a sagging mattress.

   I sold our Bedroom Furniture to make room for the new furniture!

I have this little slide show I made of various photos of our old Set...
This "Rodea" QUEEN size Bedroom Suite is about 5 years old and doesn't show much wear.  There are a couple of small nicks and/or scratches (near the bottom edge of the bed feet, probably from the vacuum cleaner, but nothing major.  It has not been moved from the original place it was set up.  It is a heavy set...and well constructed...for many additional years of use.  We do not have children in the house and our Pups are not allowed on the Bedroom Furniture.  The set includes the Queen Platform Bed {side rails, footboard and headboard}, a Triple Dresser and Matching Mirror and 2 Night Stands {Mattress Set and bench in photos, not included}. The actual color is most like Photo #2 and the one of just the Bed and Nightstand, than the other photos of Dresser/Mirror and the separate Nightstand. It is composed of solid hardwoods and beautifully finished Birch veneers, with brown-black leather features on the headboard.  All drawers are dovetailed.  The furniture is finished in an Espresso color and where needed, the hardware is a brushed chrome.
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Zowie Batgirl! You are da bomb when it comes to writing advertising copy!
    We just bought a new mattress a week ago and both of us wake with less/no pain.
    Our old one was only 7 years old, too. But it was rutted to beat the band!

  2. How exciting that you'll be redecorating your bedroom, Jan! Wow, sounds like your mattress was defective, there is nothing worse than waking up with a bad back! So glad it's still under warranty, and that you will soon hopefully be sleeping on a comfy new one! Can't wait to hear more about your redo!!

  3. OHHHH I love love love it. I LOVE the fabric on your bedspread and curtains!

  4. Oh how fun to be getting new furniture :) And I agree with Maureen, you are the bomb when it comes to writing about items!

    Have a great day! Hugs to you

  5. Hi Jan, I look forward to seeing your new bedroom. How fun to redecorating. You know I love doing all this and seem to redo often. The set you are selling is gorgeous and I am sure will sell fast with your great ad here and the listings you gave it.
    I agree with the above. You are excellent with the descriptions and write ups.
    So glad your mattress is still under warranty. Looking forward to more~~ Hope the painting goes well.

  6. How exciting to be getting a new bedroom! I look forward to seeing the finished product as I just know it is going to be beautiful. :)
    All the best in selling the old one, but you sound like you will do just fine. I laughed at your cartoon with the mattress. :) My parents had one of those that my husband and I would sleep on when we would come for a visit, it was BAD! I would have to visit the chiropractor during my visits. Fun memories.
    I love the music you have playing while I visit you, just lovely.
    Bless you sweet friend.

  7. I look forward to seeing your new bedroom set. The old one is very nice as well; hope you are able to find a new home for it soon, and can find someone to do your painting…ha ha. I am having some of the same thoughts about our living room walls.

  8. How exciting to get to re do your bed room
    that is what I NEED to get to
    one of these days.....
    can't wait to see ...