Mattress Inspection

Have any of you ever had a Mattress Inspection?  I did...yesterday.  The guy from the store explained what he was going to do...and then he did it.  He looked at the bed.  Picked up the mattress and looked at the foundation and then said, "Your mattress is on the floor".  I said Yes, it is but it's on it's foundation.  Then he asked what the problem was and I briefly told him.  He pushed on the mattress a few times and then got out a plumb bob and laid the string across the bed and tried to find a low spot in the mattress
- but he couldn't find one.  He got out his block of foam with a line drawn across it and he said, "your mattress has to be up to the mark on the piece of foam to be determined to be faulty and replaced under warranty."   Of course the mattress didn't come under those guidelines or in other words, it fell short of the line on the foam cube.  We're left with a mattress I can't sleep on.

Well, we bit the bullet and looked for a new mattress set tonite.  We headed back to our favoite shop - Art Van Sleep Shop in Toledo, Ohio and met one of the most pleasant sales people ever - Nikki.  We found a few mattresses after she did a diagnostic computer test on us, she showed us 4 mattresses.  (I wish we could get by with a cheaper mattress, but with my hip and back, I know that that wouldn't work...and I won't sacrifice how I feel when I get out of bed.  I figured out that our EXPENSIVE mattress we bought 7 years ago, cost us $21.50 per month - and those were totally PAIN FREE months!  We found one that stood out amongst the 4 and spent a good deal of time on it.  My hip and back, neck and shoulders began feeling so much better.  I haven't had pain since yesterday, before we went and tried out mattresses (even after a night on our sagging one).  PTL!  We decided on it.  Nice thing about ArtVan Furniture is, we can get the new mattress set quickly and they have a 30 night comfort guarantee.  If for any reason, we can let them know if we're having a problem with a mattress and they'll take it back and we get reselect another mattress set of the same or great value than the one we'd return.  Just in case - it's a good thing.  PLUS, they were offering 50 months FREE FINANCING - even though we had planned on paying for it in cash, we decided this was the wisest way to pay for it...keeping the cash in the bank. 

This morning...we're going to Lowe's to get paint and whatever else we need to paint our Bedroom.  So, that's where I'll be until we're done with that project.  Then we'll have to paint the bathroom and closet...but that's OK.    

I'll let you know more about the mattress after I've been able to spend some time on it.
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Good Morning, Jan.
    It is 3:35 AM here in Maryland, and zzz's just aren't happening. We're going to NJ for the weekend and I never sleep well before a trip. Seeing the grandkids Friday, then a wedding Saturday evening. Then home, home, home to be with Miss Josephine on Sunday!
    I researched mattresses on the internet once, and read that most need to be replaced at about seven years no matter what the warranty says. Got our new one from IKEA. Has a 90 day satisfaction period. It was on sale for $399. We both have a lot less pain in the week we've been sleeping on it.
    Hope your painting goes swimmingly!

  2. Jan, I take a day off from blogging to visit Dr appointments and run errands and I miss your peach cobbler post :(
    Thank goodness I went back to read it.. I am trying that maybe on 4th of July sounds so good and easy to make..
    We also need a new mattress I have been eyeing the I mattress I don't know who makes it but, It is super comfy. My husband wants the one that has the control to adjust the softness.. My back is okay for now, so it will have to wait..
    I can't wait to see your bedroom... I love going to Lowes,..
    xo Marissa

  3. Hi Jan, Well, I am sorry that did not go well with the inspection but so glad you did find one that will be comfy and perfect for you and Tom. Can't wait to see your newly designed master. I know it will be gorgeous. Everything you touch turns to gold. Have fun painting, if possible right??
    Happy Weekend.
    p.s. I remember Art Van when we lived in Michigan.