What a Joy!

BENNY... Five Years ago Yesterday (June 6th), Benny was the 2nd Pup to come to live with us...just 3 weeks after we got our 1st Pup. Jasper.  At 11 weeks of age, this Havanese showed a remarkable awareness of things and people around him and their needs.  He loves chicken treats and doing tricks.  He knows the whole routine of  "Sit, Lay Down, Roll-Over, High Five and Give a Kiss".  All I have to do was give him one sign...and he knows.  He is the best
at playing "Dead"...one BANG and over he goes and lights out.  Then I say Hey, and he's ready to play some more.  He loves posing for pictures...and I've got some of the best pictures...alot up close and personal.  And then...Six Months ago, Benny died...leaving a hole in our lives.  He is still very much missed...and loved.  Benny was only 4 years & 8 months old.  

Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. I am sorry, Jan. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet. The memories of those sweet companions last forever.

  2. Dear Jan wishing you some comfort tonight! May tomorrow bring some sweet memories and joy into your day! We have all had some rough days! Send you a hug!!

  3. Dear Jan, I know your heart aches for Benny. I so understand as we just passed 2 years since losing our Miss B. I pray you find comfort in those special times and the love Benny gave to you.
    Sending you big hugs and love my friend!

  4. Hello Jan, your Benny is just precious! Those dogs are amazing and very devoted to their owners. I have a senior friend who owns a Buddy, like Benny, and he really looks after her, its quite amazing.
    May your heart be encouraged in the love of God.
    I found you through my daughter Stephanie, at the enchanting rose. I must come again and follow you when I am on my computer as my phone doesn't allow me that privilege.
    You have a beautiful place here. :-)
    Joy to you! Debbie

  5. There's that beautiful face. Who could find anything but joy in those big brown eyes?
    So happy to see you posting these special memories.