2014 - Outside the Walls

Thanks for returning today to see more of my Garden.  If you missed the first Garden post, you can read it Here.  Look close at the photo above - and you'll see a couple of Pups watching you approach the Gate.  They're friendly, so don't worry.  I have an Aspen Tree and underneath, Day Lilies.  The Wall Garden is filled with Hydrangeas - Invincibelle, Endless Summer and Annabelle.  There are herbs and veggies in the wall garden this year.  By the Garage are Blue Mammoth Hostas...and they get huge.  They measure about 4 feet in diameter and get to be about 3 feet high.  The walls are made of concrete blocks.
These are my Day Lilies - Apricot in color
Blue Mammoth Hostas get to be 5' round and 3' tall at maturity.  Mine measure exactly that right now...this is their 4th year...twice transplanted, too!  This section is about 15 feet long along the sidewalk and 5 feet wide, and have 4 Hostas planted in it.
The Pups are still waiting to see you up close.  Let's move a wee bit closer now...
These pretty Invincibelle Hydrangeas were planted in late July, 2013 and are now 4 feet tall and have the prettiest pink 3" - 3 1/2" flowers on them.  They'll grow to 6 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide.  There are 3 plants there.
Well, here they are...Angel's up and barking her welcome at you!!  The other two, Jasper and Rosie are wondering what they should be doing.  LOL!
Jasper's moved off to the right, behind the wall...Rosie's smelling and Angel is still waiting to kiss you!
Rosie really is a little shy, so don't mind her back-side
Oh no...Mommy says you'll have to come back tomorrow to come on in!!  See you then!  
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

I'm Jan and I'm happy you stopped in. Please, leave a comment and follow along..


  1. Good morning dear Jan! Good morning little pups!
    Gotta say I am very impressed with the decorative possibilities of the humble cement block.
    Will have to go back and read the story of your courtyard garden.
    We are hosting our god dog, Ollie, for the w/e starting tonight. I hope he and Josephine get along!. I think they will. He loves cats, and she tolerates dogs.
    xxoo, m & jb

  2. Hi Jan, your courtyard is gorgeous. Love the pups there at the darling fence. They are such cuties!! You have the prettiest Hydrangeas and Hosta ever. I love how you built the block wall with the open design going all around. It adds so much interest instead of solid. Gorgeous Day Lilies in that apricot color. So enjoyed seeing your courtyard and the pups!
    Have a blessed 4th~

  3. I would just love to be able to grow Hydrangeas. They don't grow well where we live. I think they are so beautiful. Yours are an inspiration. Love the pictures, and the puppies. Have a wonderful 4th of July.

  4. Oh jan your garden is just amazing!!
    Those sweet pups are cute too.
    Oh and I love the cauliflower recipe I am trying tonight Thanks so much!!!!
    need to run to the grocery store no parmesan here.

  5. Wow, Jan, I am amazed at your hydrangeas! They are huge and gorgeous! And so are your hostas, love them! I have lots of hostas too, I love them so much, especially since they look good all season long. Your pups are just the cutest ever!! Happy 4th!