A Birthday...

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You...Happy Birthday dear...Today is Angel's 1st Birthday!  She's been here with us since the end of December...over 6 months already.   It's hard to believe it's been that long...but yesterday marked 7 months that Benny's been gone.  Angel has certainly been a treasure.  And those eyelashes!  My goodness...those have become her trademark!  After Angel was groomed the end of June - with pretty pink bows in her hair.  She is always such a good girl for our Groomer.  She puts her head down when the water turns on in the bath, because she
knows it will be spraying water on her head and face.  Smart girl.  After her bath, she loves running like crazy all over the house and then rolling around on towel on the floor. She lays on her back (the way I taught her) to have her belly shaved.  She holds so still when I trim her pretty eyelashes - they are so long and so dark...just gorgeous.

Here she is after her grooming session in May.  So pretty...I love the Bows!
No post is complete without pictures of the other PuppyKids.  Here is Rosie, with her pretty pink and white feather flowers in her hair after she got groomed.  She looks like she's dreaming about something.  Maybe about some chicken!! 
And here's Jasper...Mr. Dapper in his Ascot.  Whenever I point a camera at him, he either slumps over and lays in a heap or lifts his right paw - just like he did in this picture.
I can't imagine life without these 3...they're so much fun and comfort.
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Happy birthday to sweet Angel! What a beautiful girl she is, just look at those eyelashes! Your pups are all so cute, I just love how Jasper raised his paw up for the camera, so sweet! Fur babies are such a huge part of our lives, aren't they? Have a great day, Jan!

  2. Hi Jan and Happy Birthday to sweet Angel. What a doll she is and so pretty in her pink bows and yes, those long lashes are heart stealers.
    Such cute pics of Jasper and Rosie too. I know they are your heart and bring great joy. Enjoy the day with your fur babies and celebrate.