The Past TWO Weeks...

They have not been Everything I Could Have Ever Wanted - NOT EVEN CLOSE!  I can't believe how fast this summer is going...the days just fly by.  We only had a day to paint our Master Bedroom - and we started it on Friday - 2 weeks ago...and finished the 2nd coat about an hour after our mattress set arrived on  Saturday.  I was so happy to have a new mattress set and couldn't wait to see how I'd like spending an entire night on it.  They give their customers a 30 night trial of their new mattress, after which you can trade evenly or up for a different mattress.  The way I woke up the next morning, I wanted to return it already!  We're going on night #14 and I tell you, I don't think
I can sleep on it one more night!  I've been in so much pain...constantly...since the first night we slept on it.  We had a phone call in to the District Manager of the Art Van Sleep Store in Toledo...and he kept putting us off, so I called him!  The manager eventually said that we could return to the store and reselect.

We went to the store and found out that our salesperson was not working and won't be until Monday.  The sales guy we did speak to had alot of troubles understanding our well-thought-out questions.  We wanted to know if they had different bases for the adjustable be precise...the bed that I was laying on.  He then went ahead and quoted us a price on the adjustable base for the bed we're returning. I finally walked out.  Tom came out just moments later.

Between the pain for 2 weeks straight (and I had been pain-free for 7 years) and the lack of sleep (2-3 hours a night - for 13 nights) I wasn't putting up with that guy!  Now, we'll go back on Monday.  That means after tonight, we'll have 4 or 5 more nights of pain before we could maybe...hopefully......possibly get our new mattress.

Between the pain and the lack of sleep over the past 2 weeks, I'm not functioning at optimum performance.  Heck...I'm barely functioning.  At least lastnight...after buying a memory foam (thick) mattress topper, I fell asleep...and actually got some sleep.  I went to bed around midnight...woke at 2am...then again at 4:30am but then slept until 8am.  WOW!!

One other thing...along with the Mattress problem, we've had our Bedroom Furniture stages.  Ughhh.  Let's see, they delivered our Dresser and 2 Night Stands one trip.  Then they brought the Bed on another, since the first time, it was damaged and undeliverable.

After damaging the NEW Bed, by pounding on the wooden side-rail while assembling it, we had to have SERVICE come out to look at that and another big area that was damaged.  The repair person was remarkable, as most are.  Normally, when finished with a repair, customers can't even find the spot where the damage was...and we were no different.  The repair was impeccably finished.  However, the side rail that was damaged, was not something that could be repaired.  So, now...we have Art Van Furniture making another stop with the NEW side-rails.

That means removing all the linens, moving the mattress and foundation (we're letting them do that - it's SOOOOOOOO heavy)...taking the bed apart, then reattaching the side-rails to the headboard and then to the footboard and moving it back into place.  Replacing the mattress and foundation is next and then I get to make the bed AGAIN!!  Phew!!  Too many times to see the delivery people for 4 pieces of furniture.  

I think it's time for a short nap or BioMat treatment with the off I go.
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Hi Jan, changing a room should not have to be this complicated or painful. I hope all goes well soon and your replacements are in and you get a good nights sleep. I am sure the room is going to be beautiful.
    Blessings for all to go well.

  2. Hiya Jan!
    Oh, what a pain in the butt, literally! I have always found the new bed I get delivered is harder than the same bed in the store. The store one has been broken in by many a buttisimo! We just got a new mattress from IKEA. It IS firmer than the store model, but it is comfortable. That said, I know exactly what you mean about buying a mattress only to be in horrible pain. Even toppers help only a little. I will pray today for an ASAP resolution. Gonna pray right now.
    xx, m & JB

  3. Dear Jan,
    Sorry to hear you are having such troubles! Hope you can get it all resolved very soon. Sending kind thoughts your way. By the way I LOVE your recipe page. Brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing the link too! Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

  4. Hi Jan, so sorry to hear your new mattress didn't work out. It's difficult to select the perfect mattress. Here's to a good fix for everything. You deserve so much more. I do use Recipage. I wrote a tutorial on it. Blessings