Veggies & Herbs 2014

Yesterday, while there was a nice breeze and the sun was partially hidden, I grabbed my camera and went outside to take some photos of my Courtyard Garden.  This is one of my Favorite Photos of Benny, our Havanese, taken in 2012.  He loved sitting on the warm concrete sidewalk by the Hydrangeas.  He would stand up, never touching the hydrangeas, and walk side to side sniffing them!  Then along the wall, where all the other hydrangeas and Roses were planted...he'd walk one end to the other smelling everything.  He loved the Garden...and never disrupted it...only sat by it.
He's been gone nearly 7 months now.  His younger furry sister, Angel, who came along just 3 weeks after Benny died, has decided that spot is HER favorite place to sit and lay - right there by the Hydrangeas.
And she, just like Benny, stands up and never touches the flowers...and walks side to side sniffing the flowers too.  It's uncanny.  Neither of our other Pups have done anything similar.
Now for the Herbs & Veggies...
and of course, we have Tomato Plants...but they're all the way around the wall, way in the back, behind the Hydrangeas.  We have Grape Tomatoes and Juliet Roma Tomatoes.
Tomorrow I'll share some more photos of my Pups in the Garden Courtyard.
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. I love that photo of Benny, Jan. That is so neat Angel loves the same area, and admires the hydrangeas just like he did! You are right, that is uncanny. Your herbs are doing great, and your hydrangea is just gorgeous. I've been enjoying my basil and rosemary, chives too. Nothing like fresh herbs! Have a great day:)

  2. Jan, your garden is wonderful...Fresh herbs and your tomatoes plants aer so wonderful. Love seeing your little Benny. I know he is missed so much. We have 4 little Schnauzers who romp around in the yard. Blessings

  3. I love your garden. It is something I could look at over and over. We have had a battle of the grasshoppers down here and needless to say our garden has suffered terribly. Steve has made me 3 raised beds and is in the process of screening them in…. one is finished the other two are almost finished. We'll see if they get finished before the grasshoppers finish everything off. I love your courtyard, its wonderful; enjoyed reading how/why you put it in. Cute doggies too. So sorry about Benny. Your new Angel sounds lilke a joy. Have a great Fourth of July

  4. Hi Jan, Your garden is gorgeous. I love the pic of your little sweetie Benny by the hydrangeas which are beautiful!! It is amazing how Angel loves the same spot. Your herbs are so lush and healthy. Nothing better then fresh from the garden. You certainly have a green thumb.
    Have a wonderful evening and Happy 4th of July!!