Angel - Still Not 100%...but On The Way

SweetieGirl Angel is getting her BioMat treatment this morning - tail wagging the entire time (15 minutes she spent on it).  When she's finished (and she decides when she's finished) on the BioMat, she jumps down and goes on about her day.  Throughout the day, any of my 3 Pups can jump up on the BioMat (covered with a flannel sheet and waterproof pad underneath and get a treatment.  All I have to do is turn on the Mat.  I just want to thank all
of you who have sent emails and commented on my blog posts about Angel, Our Pup and me.We appreciate the prayers.  We've both had a rough week and are hoping the week ahead will be better.

On Friday, hubby took Angel to the Vet, to be seen.  She got a shot and some meds she needs to take, to get rid of the diarrhea (colitis, most likely stress related) that she's been suffering with.  It's gotten better...the diarrhea stopped on Friday night...and now we're waiting.  Saturday she went back to the Vet and ended up with more meds and an additional shot, special food and subcutaneous fluids.  That's where they lift the skin at the back of her shoulders, insert a needle and put fluids in.  So, there was this water filled furry pad of skin that felt very cool to the touch.  They didn't want her to get dehydrated.  She continues to want "up" on my massage table with the BioMat for her treatments.  She just loves them.

Hopefully, this week, she'll get back to totally being herself - tonight was the first night in a week that she was interested in playing with her toys and she had them all over the office and living room!  Yeah!  She had a good time with all of her toys!
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Hi Jan, Continued prayers for you and angel. Glad to hear the right side of your face has improved a bit. I know it is a process for you to go through once again and my heart just pains for your ordeal. So glad Angel is doing a bit better and the vet is keeping her hydrated.
    Rest as much as possible because that will help your healing. Thanks for the update, but so glad you are staying off the computer as much as possible. Blessings and prayers come your way.

  2. Hello sweet Jan! You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers, dear one. I am happy to hear there has been a little improvement which is better than none and will continue to pray that you see complete recovery soon!

    Sending you lots of love and big hugs!!!

  3. I'm so glad to hear that both you and Angel are feeling a bit better, Jan. I've been thinking of you, and will continue to pray for you both. And it makes me so happy to hear that sweet Angel is now interested in her toys again! That is a good sign:) Get lots of rest, and feel better very soon, ok? Big hugs and prayers, too!

  4. Hi Jan,
    Isn't it interesting how our own suffering is eased a bit when we see our beloved "Fur People" feeling better? Josephine is tuned into me like Angel is tuned into you. I am (thankfully) just ending a three day sick migraine siege and she stayed right near me watching over me. Such blessings they are.
    I pray you get better soon. ((Gentle hugs)) maureen and jb

  5. Hi Jan,
    Maureen again. Can't remember if you moderate posts. Just wrote a post and it disappeared. Humm...