Is This a Rare "Treat" or a Necessity?

Have you ever experienced a Professional Massage?  If you answered yes, Why did you?  If you answered no, Why haven't you?  Doesn't this look relaxing?    I began getting massages in 2000.  On my first vacation I went somewhere I'd never been before that quickly became my Favorite Vacation spot - Door County, Wisconsin.  I had planned it nearly a month in advance
- reserving a small condo in Egg Harbor...and reserving a rental car (since I'd be travelling 3 hours in both directions, I didn't want to trust my 12 year old car).  When the day came to leave, I was feeling under the weather - with either a sinus infection coming on or something equally awful.  I was running a fever, coughing, had a terrible headache and my ears felt like they'd explode.  If that wasn't bad enough, I was sneezing alot and my nose was running like a kitchen faucet.

Somehow, as awful as I felt, I dragged myself and my suitcase and overnight bag to the car...grabbed a cup of Tea and began my trip to Door County.  Somewhere along the way - about half way between home and vacation destination - I wondered out loud what was I doing?  But I continued on...finally arriving in Door County and able to check in to my condo early, I fell onto my bed after hauling my things in.  After several minutes, I dragged myself off the bed and went to the nearest grocery store.  I bought a few things to eat and drink...and a few things to help me feel better.  By 7pm I was in bed and soon asleep.  After several hours, I woke up fever had broken.  In the morning, still feeling not quite up to par, I inquired at the office desk about someplace to maybe have a massage.  They named 3 different places and gave me their brochures.  I sat down and looked through them and was pulled to one of them...

I called and made an appointment...I was both excited and a bit nervous.  Excited about my first-ever massage and nervous, not quite knowing what to expect.  In the end...the entire experience was first-rate!  Nancy was my massage therapist and every time since that first time...I have made certain to ask for her.  I've had Swedish and Deep Tissue Massages and Raindrop Treatments with Young Living Essential Oils.  Nancy is an older lady - quite short in stature, but ever powerful with her hands and touch.  She talked about one day retiring...and I told her she could NEVER retire...who would I see at the Spa?  We laughed and she mentioned her age - I think she said 76!  I was stunned.  You'd never ever guess her age...never.

When I returned home to Milwaukee, I found a massage therapist, Jackie, who I saw regularly for a massage.  She was wonderful (not as good as Nancy), but it was close to home.  

I continued to receive many benefits from getting monthly massages.

Then, in 2005, I moved to Michigan and had an awful time finding a massage therapist who even came close to doing what Nancy and Jackie did in a massage.  It took me several years and several visits to different massage therapists, to find someone I liked, who was both professional and personable...who did a great massage and found all the places that were irritating me.

And miraculously, I found 2009 at...

The following massages and LDT are just some of the treatments I've experienced through Heidi...

Swedish Massage promotes relaxation, improves circulation, & increases joint flexibility & range of motion. Other benefits include; reduced muscle tension, spasm, stiffness, pain & swelling, decreased stress levels, improved posture, & strengthened the immune system. 

Therapeutic Massage is a goal oriented treatment that addresses specific/chronic issues. Deep Tissue Massage aims to relieve tension in the deeper layers of body tissue which can release adhesions or bunching within the muscle.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy gently & rhythmically moves lymph through the body, especially swollen areas, which relieves pressure & enhances the immune system.  As both a preventative & remedial technique, MLD can be used for a wide range of purposes including faster recovery from injury, reduction of swelling & discomfort from pregnancy, and strengthened resistance to illness.

When I got Bell's Palsy in 2012, Heidi was the first person I called - and saw her the next day for a massage.  While the massage was focused around my neck, face and head to help alleviate the pain I was experiencing, she also did a full body massage.  I saw her consistently for treatment.  I also experienced Reiki and Lymphatic Drainage...which all of them combined, contributed to my well-being.  Although I am not 100% what I was before Bell's Palsy, my recovery has been remarkable.  Considering I didn't take any of the normally prescribed drugs for Bell's Palsy and how terrible my condition was shortly after onset (being the worst on the BP scale), I am blessed and pleased with my recovery.

Now...I want to leave you with this...from Professional Massage Therapy Werks Website about Lymphatic Drainage and what it can do for you.  I'm certain you'll be amazed, just as I was. 

Your lymphatic system is crucial to your overall health

Your body's Lymphatic system is made up of fluid-filled nodes, vessels, ducts and glands including the spleen, thymus and tonsils.  In order to keep you healthy, its job is to nourish your cells and carry away your body's "sewage."  Unlike the heart, your lymphatic system relies chiefly on the movement of your body for circulation, in the form of exercise, deep abdominal breathing and massage.

Avoid lymphatic congestion, and the health hazards of potential blockages

Your lymph fluid only flows in one direction, and for many reasons can become blocked.
If you experience arthritic and muscular pain, headaches, and insomnia, or suffer from an enlarged prostate, constipation, or fibrocystic breasts, lymphatic congestion may be to blame.

 Lymphatic cleansing can provide:

•  Reduction of swelling (edema)
•  Detoxification of the body
•  Relief of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue
•  Reduction of cellulite
•  Rejuvenation of tissue from burns, wounds and wrinkles
•  Anti-aging effects
•  Relief of inflammations including sinusitis, bronchitis and otitis
•  Relief of chronic pain
•  Relieve conditions such as muscle hypertonus and some forms of constipation
•  Deep relaxation to help aid insomnia, stress, loss of vitality and memory
•  Relief of congestion associated with asthma and emphysema

Many factors can cause lymph congestion:

•  Heavy metals and/or man-made chemicals that our bodies are unable to metabolize
•  Physical and/or emotional life stresses
•  Surgical cuts and scars that block lymphatic flow
•  Genetic predisposition
•  Tight fitting clothes including under wire bras
•  Lack of exercise
•  Dehydration
•  Prolonged sitting such as office positions
•  Food allergies and/or sensitivities

After reading all of this information, do you answer this question any differently now?

Is This a Rare "Treat" or a Necessity?
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Dear Jan, this was a very interesting post! I think a massage is very healthy and I have had a few of them!
    I may need another one soon, they really do have so many health benefits!
    I have given many massages over the years for my family members!
    I also love Young Living Oils!
    Love, Roxy

  2. Dear Jan,
    What an interesting post! I have a friend who is a professional masseuse she gives wonderful massages. They are very healing.
    Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

  3. Hi Jan,
    It sounds like you've found a wonderful massage therapist. For me it's a rare treat to get a massage, but after reading your post, it makes me want to get one now! It's amazing how wonderful you feel after a good massage, isn't it? I, too have found great ones and not so great ones. My biggest pet peeve is a mt who talks too much during the massage (like non stop!), I just want to lay there and relax! Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Jan, massages are wonderful, so relaxing. My husband dislikes them and getting pedicures.....LOL Great post about healing and relaxing one's body. Hope you are feeling well. Hugs

  5. What an excellent and informative post, Jan.
    I have to admit that I have done facials which only go into the neck and that was wonderful! After reading this post I think I need to look into these.
    I'm an essential oil girl and try to massage areas on my body that are in need with the oils.
    I especially like Neil's Yard, but also use Young Living and do TERRA.
    Your sloppy Jo looks wonderful!
    Have a blessed week-end.
    Joy! Debbie