Our Veterinarian and Staff Are the BEST!

Dr. Todd Smith, DVM
 Several days fter I got Bell's Palsy and after one of Angel's Vet Visits, Our Veterinarian, Dr. Todd Smith, called to talk to me about Angel - he wanted to know how she was doing.  He's always so caring.  We talked about her a bit and then I asked what he thought about Angel possibly sensing that I was getting sick and thereby stressing about that...causing the stress related Colitis.  He was surprised to hear that I got Bell's Palsy again - especially when I told him it was on BOTH sides of my face (called bi-lateral).  He agreed that she may have sensed something going on with me and then reacted by being stressed and doing the things she did and then got sick.  He said some dogs are very sensitive and in-tune to
their owners.  (Our Benny was like that too.)

Then a couple of days later, there is an envelope addressed to me, with no return address.  Hmmmmmm...I always wonder about envelopes without return addresses...LOL!!  I opened it up to find the cutest card - and if you guessed it was from the Vet's Office and Staff, you're right!  Signed by the Gang!!

Staying in bed, with the covers pulled up sounds like a good thing!  I'm so tired...all the time!

I don't know why Krystal wrote what she did above right corner at the bottom.  I know that the staff probably sends out hundreds of cards and I'd bet that alot of them are "I'm sorry for the loss of your Pet" Cards and she didn't read what this card was for! 

These are some special people - The Doctors & Staff of Temperance Animal Hospital!  They take the best care of our Pups every time they see them and it's so nice to know that they care about the humans in the Pups' Family too!!  Thanks TAH!!

I can't say that I'm feeling better.  This BP is just hammering at me...and tomorrow will be two weeks since I got it.  Still no movement on the left side.  Minimal movement on the right side...and pain that is driving me crazy.  As alot of you know, I haven't taken any prescription meds or over the counter meds in 2 1/2 years.  Well, the past 2 days, I just HAD TO, no ifs ands or buts about it, take one Aleve (naproxen sodium) each day.  The oils I take in capsules and the oils I use on my face, neck and ear were only working partially.  The nerve pain gets ridiculously piercing sometimes and I just couldn't handle it another minute!  And, this time with bilateral BP, the pain is on BOTH sides!!  My left lower jaw is particularly painful.  Thanks for your continued prayers.  I'll continue to post as I can - visit when I can read - and leave a comment when I'm able.  Just know that I'm thinking about all of you!
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Dear Jan, how nice of your Vet to call and check on Angel and then send a card from himself and his staff. You sure have a special group of people there at your Vet clinic. I am so sorry you are still having such a hard time and the pain is so bad. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers for a prompt recovery and God to keep a close watch on you.

    Thank you also Jan for taking the time in all your pain to comment on my spotlight feature. That was so nice of you. You are so special and a true gem!!

    Rest and relax this holiday weekend.
    Hugs and Blessings

  2. What a wonderful and caring veterinarian and staff you have, Jan! That was so thoughtful of them to send you the card, and check on sweet Angel. I am very sorry to hear that you aren't feeling any better. I will continue to keep you in my prayers, for relief from the pain and a full recovery. Big hugs:)