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Angel - Rosie - Jasper

A while ago, I started searching for some nice tags for our 3 PuppyKids.  I looked for a while and finally found just the right ones.  They are stamped "washers" in Brass and Stainless Steel and even come with a charm of your choice.  Since the brass is heavy and my pups are small, I opted to do washers of 1 1/8" in Stainless Steel and 7/8" in Brass.  The Stainless Steel Washer says I'm Lost...
Call 123-456-7890, while the top washer has a Pup's name.

The tags come with the rings to attach to a collar.  Our Pups wear a Harness whenever we take them out and since there is really no way to secure tags to a harness, I decided they needed a special collar.  And it had to be a collar that would not allow you attach a leash...because if it did...hubby just might be tempted to hook up a leash and skip the harness to take them outside when we're away from home.  LOL!!!

Rosie of course, got a Rose

Jasper got the PUPPY Charm I fell in love with!
And Angel, being the angel of a Pup that she is, got an Angel charm!

Then, I finally found just the RIGHT collars for all 3.

The following collars are some of the MOST beautiful and Bling-y collars...just perfect for 3 small Pups - none of the Pups weighs over 14#.  Notice these have a ring already attached for the tags.  The buckle is very nice, too and has a ring to keep the end of the collar down.

And here are the collars I selected.  The "girls" got Gold with Clear and AB Crystals.  And Jasper, our "boy" got Silver with Clear Crystals.  These collars are made in the USA...and the holes are reinforced with grommets.  These are just the most beautiful collars and they didn't cost me an arm and a leg either...they're very reasonable.

 Here are their collars with their tags attached.  These look wonderful with any and all of their harnesses.

Here are a few other tags available from themadstampers, who have an Etsy Shop.

Here are a few other Collars from genie4petsblingcollars, who is on eBay.

I can see myself getting some animal print collars!! 

Besides the beautiful Collars and Custom-Designed Dog Tags...these 2 Sellers - Jeanne from Genie4petsBlingCollars and Cindy and Rodney from themadstampers were the best.  They both went the extra mile to make sure I got what I wanted while being pleasant and helpful!  I love that!

So, if you have a pet, even a tiny dog...Jeanne has the Collars and for the beautiful Tags, custom-designed for your Pet, Cindy and Rodney has those too!  Please stop by and let them know that I told you about them.
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Hi Jan, what wonderful tags and collars. I love what you picked for your 3 pups. Love the way the tags look with the gold and silver collars and bling. The other tags and collars are cute too but I just love your selection. Going to visit the shops now.
    Thank you for sharing this info. I would have loved this for my Miss B. Maybe I'll look at the tags anyway to be a charm with her name that I can have as a keepsake and add to a bracelet possibly.
    Happy Sunday.