Prayers Please...

Oh no...not another Trip to the ER for one of our Pups...
Please say a prayer for our smallest pup, Jasper.   He's 6 years old and only 8#.  He suddenly won't put weight on his left front leg.   He's going to the ER Vet tonight.  He seems to be in alot of pain, too.  I've held him, praying and doing what I can for him.   I will continue to pray while he's gone.  
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Hi Jan,
    It's one in the morning now and I see you posted this at 9:20 PM. I pray Jasper is home, safe, with only something that's easily fixable wrong with his left front.
    ((hugs and prayers)) m & jb

  2. Prayers for sweet Jasper!! I hope it is nothing too serious. Keep us informed and God Bless!!