Raining Cats & Dogs...Sick Pups

Hey, you know how things go...one thing happens, another thing happens and then something else...all just before an important occasion.  Well, the important occasion is NEXT WEEK.  The one thing that happened yesterday is the dogs all got sick - vomiting and diarrhea.  

Then today, they're worse.  They all go to the Vet.  A Relapse
of GI Tract infection he says - Clorsporidium Diarrhea.  Shots, pills, tests...Bill $190.  Another thing, I got a thought (and I always know that they're from God) to check the pups dry dog food for something.  I found several mouse droppings...which to me means they could have gotten the bacterial infection from that food!    This time, hubby said I was...imagining that they couldn't get sick from that.  I said, oh yes they could.  Then he called the Vet...and a gal there said no...or so he said.

While I was busy getting things ready for next week, I insisted he call back and ask the question I told him to ask the first time...Can our pups get sick eating dry dog food that has mouse droppings in it?  He did and a different person answered and she said, OH YES!  But, she wasn't certain if it would cause what they have and she said she'd find out and call us back.

She called back (as I was reading more about dogs eating mouse droppings in their food) and said, YES, it could cause the GI infection they had.  She also said that the VET was more concerned about the possibility of the dogs having something else caused by the urine of the mouse in the food leaving the droppings.  It's called Leptospiriosis, which isn't anything to mess around with.  So if the pups don't get better overnight and tomorrow...they have to be tested on Saturday morning before our weekend gets off to a rousing start.  She said test results take several days.  I read a smidge about the Lepto and I don't like what I saw...and I will not read it again.  

Then, after all that...I go to print something and the printer asks for paper in the tray.  There is paper in the tray.  I remove it and reinsert it.  Printer still asks for paper and keeps ding-donging.  I'm about to throw the printer through the window.  But first I try again...same thing.  I WANT PAPER. DING DONG.  So I'm relegated to FORCE FEEDING paper into the printer to print the last stuff I need for next week - 8 pages!  And after every stinking page...what happens?  The printer says I WANT PAPER, DING DONG.  I feel like I'm going crazy!!  And before everyone tells me to reboot my printer, I've already tried that.  I've both turned it off and turned it back on AND unplugged it and plugged it back in...neither method worked, but thanks for the thought!

Can you tell I haven't lost my sense of humor?  It's the only thing keeping me sane right now.  That and the fact that I sent hubby on a mission...to find more food for the Pups.  He's also going to be the one to check it scoop by scoop for anything other than food in the bag.   

Please say a prayer that the Pups are OK...and don't have LEPTO?  Pray for me too, please!

UPDATE:  Since posting this on Thursday evening...Rosie and Angel are doing better.  Jasper still is having some problems, so we very well may have to have the Pups tested for Lepto tomorrow morning.  And...the printer is still NOT working.
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Dear Jan, You are so right about when it gets a bit rough for us we can really get under! By the way it is good to laugh in the storm :o) I pray your pups get better quickly! How are you feeling ? Love, Roxy

  2. You are right, my friend, it seems like when it rains it pours - I think the Lord is often trying out faith, making us lean on Him and keep our trust focused upon Him.

    I hope your sweet dogs are feeling better soon. Love and hugs!

  3. Hi Jan, Yes when it rains it pours and always when we are trying to get ready for an event. I am glad you always keep your sense of humor in the storms. I pray the pups will be okay and your fun will soon get off on the right foot!!
    Wishing you wonderful days ahead filled with love and blessings.

  4. Your poor pups! I hope they all are doing much better by now. That is scary that mouse poop could make them so sick. We keep Katie's chow in a tall sealed plastic bin. And what a time for your printer to act up!!

  5. I pray the pups are feeling better, and things are evening out around your place. We had a sick dog here last week, with similar problems… its no fun that's for sure. He's doing better now though and we are thankful for that. It is getting cold outside, we have the wood stove burning and are feeling cozy… hope you are too. How are you feeling?

  6. Jan,
    I love, love your knew blog design! It is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
    I hope the pups are doing better and it made perfect sense to me that mouse droppings could carry
    nasty bacteria.
    Stay well.