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Floral Bouquet Corning Ware
Although another source might claim that Floral Bouquet Corning Ware was introduced in 1971, it really made its first appearance in late 1969.  Over the course of that two year interval, three distinct versions of the pattern entered the market.  The earliest Floral Bouquet variations are wrap-around designs that cover all four sides of the casserole.  As some of you know
I collect Pyrex - what most of you didn't know is that I also collect Corning Ware.  I especially LOVE this pattern...and how it wraps entirely around the dishes.

 Wrap-around design with woven textured background:   
Arriving in late 1969, the first wrap-around pattern is mainly harvest gold with a woven background texture, like linen.  Unlike later versions, it has no blue accents.  Created by Robert Gibson, this design was filed with the patent office in 1969.  Reports from houseware trade shows first mentioned Floral Bouquet in this format in late 1969, calling it a "limited edition gift line, just in time for Christmas".

The first wrap-around version of Floral Bouquet, with a woven background texture, 1¾ Qt size, on plastic woodgrain trivet.  Its Pyrex lid has an attached ceramic knob.

Floral Bouquet sets with a woven wrap-around pattern remained available into 1970.  Square saucepan/casserole sizes include: 1½ Qt, 1¾ Qt, 2½ Qt. 

Go ahead...check out the Corning Ware Website Here, there's so much more to see. 
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Jan Tanis

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  1. Hi Jan! I love Corning Ware too but have never seen this kind of pattern. They must be rather rare. You'll have to show us your Pyrex and Corning Ware sometimes. You got your computer back! Thinking of you,
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Hi Jan, I love this pattern too especially the lid knob in white. So retro yet so today too. I have the cornflower pieces that were my mothers and I love them mixed with my blue willow. I also have solid whites too. Thanks for sharing the great history and the link.
    Love your Christmas tunes!!

  3. Oh my Jan!
    These are true treasures, and just like Celeste & Shelia I love them:) thanks for sharing
    Their history and the beautiful music. Always so calm and pretty when I visit you!
    Warm Hugs,

  4. Love Corning Ware and this pattern is beautiful! Have a great weekend! Maria