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Princess Carnival Gold Punch Bowl Set
I was fortunate to find this lovely Punch Set, produced by the Indiana Glass Company in the 1970's, at a garage sale.  It was wrapped in newspapers from the 70's and doesn't look used. The deep iridescent color makes a beautiful statement for any occasion.  It came with the bowl, ladle and 36 cups!  Yes, 36.  I paid - get this, only $9 for the entire set!  I ran to my car with it!!  No scratches, no chips, just sheer iridescent beauty.  I've used the bowl
{7 qt} for punch several times...and I've also used it for salads, including potato salad...and always get oooh's and ahhhh's!  I love the saw-tooth edge around the top of the bowl and all the grapes and vines and other prettiness.  Here are a few other photos of this set.

Brief History of Indiana Glass Company
The Indiana Glass Company of Dunkirk, Indiana, came into being around the turn of the century, making a wide range of pressed and blown glass (mainly tableware). Their origins were in the Beatty & Brady Glass Company, founded in 1896 and taken over by the National Glass Company in 1899. The Indiana Glass Company was formed after the National was placed in receivership in 1907.

The company went through various changes of fortune and was merged with the Lancaster Lens Company in 1955. A further merger in 1961 produced the Lancaster Colony Corporation. Indiana Glass Company is a subsidiary of this corporation and they are still in operation today.

What about Indiana's Carnival Glass?

Indiana Glass introduced Carnival to their range in 1971- at this point there were few lines and mostly they were limited in number. "Iridescent Blue" was the first Carnival color they used. By 1974 they had added "Iridescent Gold" (an amber/ marigold shade), "Iridescent Sunset" (an amberina /red color), "Iridescent Green" and "Iridescent Amethyst." The colors are very distinctive, with a slightly purplish iridescence - very attractive and collectible in their own right. None of Indiana's Carnival Glass is trademarked, but their Carnival patterns are very distinctive and none of them are actual reproductions or re-issues of old patterns.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my pretty Carnival Glass Punch Set...maybe next time, you can come for a real party and we'll have punch.
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Hi Jan, wow you hit the jackpot when your found this set. It is simply gorgeous. And to have 36 cups is nearly unheard of. It's all priceless now. My grandma had carnival glass pieces and I love it but have no pieces and I would love to add a few to my collection. Thanks for sharing the history too. Yes, I hope you can plan that party and we'll all have punch!!
    Have a great weekend my friend.

  2. Oh Jan, that is a real beauty! I stand amazed at the prices some of you dear blogging friends pay for treasures. NOT here in the Rocky Mountains.
    I loved your music.
    Enjoy your holidays sweet friend.
    Joy! Debbie

  3. Hi Jan! Oh, this is gorgeous and what a steal too! I haven't seen a punch bowl in the carnival glass before! I love it! I have an old punch bowl my aunt left me, I think it's Jeannette Glass, and I just love it. Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. I recall my mother having a set like this that we donated to the church. It had the same sheen, or watermark, and color looks right. Even ordinary punch tastes better when a set like this is used!

  5. We have one that is very similar that belonged to my MIL. They are so pretty!