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Better late than never, right?  Isn't that the way the saying goes?  I did alot more decorating this year than last year - only put up my tabletop tree and after waiting for sunlight for over a week, to take photos of my 2014 Christmas decorations, we finally had sun today!  So, I got out my camera and went to town taking pictures to share here with you.   The first photos I took were of the Nativity Scene - the Reason for the'll find two
other photos of it further down in the post.  This nativity set came with the folding screen for the stable and each piece has a Bible Verse printed on the front.  It is a very pretty set.

The next photo shows how my Entertainment Center appeared in a post for Christmas in 2007.  I decorated with Red, Gold and Silver...and snowmen and angels.  Quite a few of the angels on the right bottom shelf, and the Nativity Set on the left bottom shelf are Jim Shore Collections.

How it looks Today - Christmas 2014  - no wood backing, it's been covered with fabric...and I'll be showing you each shelf and more! Each shelf of the left portion of the Entertainment Cabinet - 2014

 The Right Side of the Entertainment Center and Close- up of each shelf follows

 The Right Side of the Entertainment Center and Close- up of each shelf follows

Candles {Mercury Glass} on a Vintage mirror on my Coffee Table 
Black Vintage Shelf in Great Room, on Wall opposite the Entertainment Center 
Nativity Scene with a Bible Verse on each  statue 

Keeping Room

Master Bedroom 



I hope you liked my Tour of my House and all the Christmas Decorations.  Thanks for coming...and I hope to see you back again...real soon!
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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