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I have always loved Thomas Kinkade's Art - especially his winter snow scenes and his cottages...and I love the deer.  This painting, always reminds me of the Bible Verse found in Psalms, Verse 42.  It begins with the words, “As the deer panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God“.  In other words, we need to be panting after God.  To me panting means to be breathing rapidly much as one would be doing after running.  So...
if we're running from the devil, the roaring lion, TO God, where only HE is able to satisfy us. 

About The Painter of Light 
In the very beginning of his career, Thomas Kinkade put his entire life savings into the printing of his first lithograph. Though at the time he was already an acclaimed illustrator, Thom found that he was inspired not by fame and fortune, but by the simple act of painting straight from the heart, putting on canvas the natural wonders and images that moved him most.

   Thomas Kinkade Photo 

 Thom’s dearest wish had always been that his artwork would be a messenger of hope and inspiration to others – a message to slow down, appreciate the little details in life, and to look for beauty in the world around us. You can find more of Thomas Kinkade's Biography and a wonderful Video Biography...along with much more Art Here.

The other day I posted about a Tiny House and down-sizing...I could really see myself doing it right here, in this lovely Cottage...surrounded by trees, hills and God's creatures.

I added this Cottage and the remaining Cottage there isn't any snow...for those of you who can't wait for spring!!  I've read a number of posts on blogs as I've visited many of my friends the past few days.  Enjoy these AND the hope of green grass, pretty flowers and warmer temperatures!

I hope you've enjoyed the art by Thomas Kinkade today.
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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