Come on in and sit down with me, I have a Blog Story to share with you - while it involves Change, it has a beautiful Fairy Blog Mother involved, too! 

Have you noticed the changes I've been making throughout the month of January, here on my Blog? I created my Banner and everything you see...all the little "pretties" and all!  And now, I'm finally finished.  I'm not one...
for "settling" until everything feels right and comfy to me.  Do you do that too?  It's kind of like fluffling the pillows on the sofa!!

Besides the big name change that came on New Years Eve...from The Comfort of a Safe Place to Jan's Place...I've done alot of editing and rearranging.  So, I thought I would share some things with you today.

I hope you all know Linda from Life and Linda - if you don't, stop by and visit her.  She is full of great Blog information, beautiful Tablescapes and Decorating Ideas alot more.

The home of the Bestest Fairy Blog Mother of them all - LINDA! 

I haven't had Linda re-do my Blog...or even make me a Banner...but I love her work and think very highly of all that she does...I just LOVE doing my own.  But Linda helped me with a huge problem.  I got my blog all set up - new Banner and everything in place, but I couldn't get the Date or Comments or labels onto my individual posts and I really worked at correcting it...then finally shouted out to Linda.  The Fairy Blog Mother came to my rescue.  Thanks Linda!  In no time she had it all working again.

She does wonderful work.  She also designs blogs!  Some of the most popular Blogs that I visit, have Blog "outfits", designed by her.  Stop by and check it out.

While she worked on my Blog problem, she left me with an extra little something - {originally called "Sitemap"}, which I have renamed ARCHIVES.

My Navigation Bar, that you will see under my Banner at the top of my Blog isn't fancy, but it's a wealth of information!

From left to the...

Home Button - will take you back to the main page of my Blog
About Me - which you can read and learn a bit more about me
 Archives Button - shows you a list of all Posts, by Category of the label I use on them.  It makes it so easy to find something you're looking for on my blog
Contact Me - there is a form for you to fill in, with all the information needed to send a private message to me
Open House Tours - all of my posts of Homes For Sale and their Tours
Recipes Button - takes you to My ReciPage - which is full of my (and a few friends' recipes), complete with a photo and directions and the capability of printing each recipe for yourself.
Tutorials Button - there are some beautiful tutorials listed there, with the link to the blogger who made them

Go ahead and click on them and find out for yourself how much information is there!

And then of course, a Link/Photo to my Fairy Blog Mothers' Blog.  
Stop by and visit Linda!

I hope this little tour around my Blog will help you find things easier and make your visit even more enjoyable. 
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

I'm Jan and I'm happy you stopped in. Please, leave a comment and follow along..


  1. Awww Jan, that is the sweetest post. I so appreciate you sharing your new blog look and the kudos you sent my way. I was glad to help you. I see so many things you have added to your blog, just by reading some of my tutorials. I love this very special compliment you have given me. Lots of hugs from your Fairy Blog Mother.....Linda

  2. That picture makes me want to sit down by the crackling fire in one of those wing chairs! And what a nice Fairy Blog mother you have! I've seen Linda's work in other blogs and love the touches she brings. In fact she's also a super lady too!

    Have fun with all your new capabilities.

  3. Linda is just the sweetest :) What a blessing to have her help you, my friend. Your blog looks beautiful and I love the classy rich colors.

    Hugs to you, dear one!

  4. Hi Jan, your blog looks beautiful and Linda is wonderfully talented and such a special lady. She is ready to help and always a blessing. She helped me with my dot com and made it look easy. I would go to her for any blog questions and helps. She really is the best. Great post Jan.
    Wishing you a great week ahead.

  5. Your blog is so beautiful and calming, Jan. Linda really did a lovely job :)

    I haven't gotten that far, because I'm trying to go slowly after the last blog, but maybe soon I'll do something. We'll see ;)


  6. Jan,
    I agree with Rue, your blog is a beautiful, peaceful sanctuary.
    Thinking of you and Tom and sending many prayers and positive thoughts.
    Warm Hugs,