Update - Prayer Request...

After Tom refused for years, to see a Doctor, he finally decided he needed to see one today.  He's been sick with a cough and some pain in his upper chest on one side...for 2 1/2 weeks.  He's had no energy.  He doctored himself.  Then his cough got worse.  He and I barely slept lastnight, with all his coughing.  He was very restless...and so was I.

This morning he told me he was going to go to the ER in Toledo.  They did tests and informed him that he has a cancer in his lung, with...
 metastases to the liver...and...pneumonia.  The doctors wanted him to be admitted to the hospital, but Tom wanted to come home tonite.  He said he had alot of things to do and get straightened out before either checking into the hospital or seeing the doctors whose phone numbers he was given.  He left home in the morning at 10am and didn't return until nearly 5:00pm.  He'd been given an intravenous with what he said, should give him some energy.

When he got home, he was a bit confused as to what exactly his condition was.  He said pneumonia and that he would see the oncologist to see if any of what they saw in the MRI, CT Scan and X-rays could be cancer.  Yet his paperwork from hospital ER says his Diagnosis is:  Cancer with Mets and Secondary Diagnosis: Pneumonia.  He says the doctors can't diagnose cancer, the oncologist will.  He sees the oncologist Friday 8am and at that time she will explain the test results and what all of it means and he'll also find out what treatment she recommends.  I am going with him.

Please continue the prayers.
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Oh Jan, I am so sorry to hear about this for your hubby. I can't imagine how bad he must feel. Pneumonia is nothing to mess with and then to be diagnosed with cancer is devastating to say the least. I am so so sorry and you have my prayers and thoughts in the days ahead. God will see you both through this. Peace and comfort be yours for all you face and God give Tom comfort and healing.
    Blessings to you and sending big friendship hugs.

  2. Jan, I'm so sorry to hear this. My heart goes out to you and I'll certainly be praying for both of you.
    Please take care of yourself too,

  3. I'm so sorry, Jan! I will be praying for you both. Keep us posted when you are able to. Sending you a big hug, take care!

  4. Jan,
    Wondering how you are both this morning. Sending prayers and hugs to you both.

  5. Jan, so sorry to hear this hopefully you get answers soon.

  6. As soon as you left a comment on my blog, I came here to begin reading about your husband. I can't type well from my phone, but I at least could gather the details so I could begin being in prayer for you and your husband. Hugs, prayers and much love coming to you!