Snowstorm 2015 and More

This past Saturday and Sunday was our big 2015 SNOWSTORM!  We broke a record with 16.5"!  We have drifts that look like Waves, and some that stand nearly 4 feet high!  No power loss, so we stayed warm.  Naturally with that kind of snowfall, Tom's Oncologist's office called Sunday night at 9pm to let us know that the office would be closed on Monday and that we should call in for another appointment.  This was the appointment when we were...
to find out the results of all the tests hubby has had in the past 2 weeks....something like 4 Cat Scans, a Bone scan and 3 MRI's...all of different areas and with and without contrast.

Now, our appointment is next Tuesday, February 10th.

That's why I haven't updated my Blog with a post about the findings.  Also, I've been extremely busy the past 2 weeks, making lists of things needing to be tended to...getting hubby to do his share and me doing mine.  Things are progressing.  Sorry I haven't been visiting and commenting much recently.  I do look, but can't think of anything to say...I'm just at a loss for words.

Tom's daughter has come over several times (sometimes with a couple of other people) to shovel our 650 square foot courtyard (for our Pups), our sidewalk and the drive-way, since hubby can't do it all himself...and I can't shovel at all.

This is our Sweetie Girl, Angel.  She is a Coton de Tulear and will be 2 in July.  She had just come in from outdoors...running around our courtyard with Jasper and Rosie...and continued running around in the house.  She jumped up in the bed in the office and I quickly snapped a picture!  How cute!!

I hope you're enjoying the Devotions I've been posting lately.  It seems nearly every one of them that I get in an email, speaks to me and my situation...and I know I must share them!  And besides, there isn't much to post about.
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Hi Jan! I'm so sorry to hear of the delays in Tom's dr. visits. Maybe it's best for y'all not to get out in all of that snow! We've got 15 or so inches and it's snowing some more. Little Angel is adorable - look at her pretty little eyes! I've enjoyed your devotionals and just take care of yourself and glad you've gotten some help with the snow shoveling. If we lived closer, I'm sure my hubby would help - he's loving this stuff.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Dear Jan,
    Your blog design is so pretty and each update is lovely. I am really enjoying your statement on Passion and I am with you 100 percent! I know the delays for the oncologist appointment are difficult for Tom and you. In the meantime thank you for sharing these uplifting devotionals they cheer us all up. I am thankful that Tom's family is there to help you all out and offer support.
    Your darling Little Angel is as sweet as a cupcake!

    Warm Hugs,

  3. Dear Jan, WOW what a snowfall. I am so sorry it caused a cancellation for Tom's test report visit and I will keep you in my prayers for next Tuesday. Your sweet Angel is so cute and I know must love playing in the snow. So glad you did not lose power and are warm and cozy inside. Also glad to hear that Tom's family is helping shovel the snow. Prayers are being answered in all sorts of ways.
    Thank you also for the devotionals and sweet lessons and stories of inspiration.
    Take good care my friend and continued prayers for you and Tom.