Tom Since his Cancer Diagnosis...Final Update

On January 12th, Tom went to the ER for a cough he'd had for quite some time.  It wasn't getting any better...actually, it had gotten worse overnight.  After being at the hospital for about 5 hours, having tests and seeing doctors...he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and Metastases to the Liver.

We saw an oncologist within a couple of days and that got the ball rolling with tons of tests - Cat Scans, MRI's, blood work and then...
a biopsy.

Well, to make a long story short - it took 6 weeks in "real" time - but Tom does NOT have cancer anywhere in his body!  Yes, that's what I said - NO CANCER!

Everything they found in the scans in the ER that made them diagnose Lung cancer with Mets in January, was still there in his lung two weeks ago, when the biopsy was done.  So was what they saw on his liver.  But, the biopsy showed massive infection and NO cancer.  The liver has some lesions that are called hemangiomas, which are not cancer.


So for the past 2 weeks Tom was taking anti-biotics for the lung infection and then he had another Cat Scan done to see if there was improvement and that the infection was gone or going away.  The doctor's office called back later that same day to let us know that the infection was gone and that he was healing nicely and wouldn't have to be re-checked for at least a year.  He's got the all clear from the doctor!

What happened that the ER could so wrongly diagnose Cancer?  We don't know.  There is nothing we can do about it.  I wish we weren't left with the mountain of bills from all of the testing.  But, our attorney is helping us out there.  {No we're not suing - that is left for cases who are wrongly diagnosed the other way.}  We're glad that it wasn't cancer and that the infection is gone.

Thanks for all of your prayers.
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Wow! What a huge answer to prayer, my friend! I am so happy to hear your husband has NO cancer and is doing better - praise the Lord. Hugs to you!

  2. Praise the Lord they were wrong. I had a similar experience in the ER last month... makes you nervous about our healthcare, doesn't it? So glad he is doing well. blessings ~ tanna

  3. Wow! That's truly unbelievable! It's definitely a happy ending, but for the few weeks before you learned he didn't have cancer you must have been so stressed! I'd say you deserve a major celebration.

    (Stopping by from Jemma's. Saw your post title and just had come over. Glad I did. Good news is hard to come by).

  4. That is wonderful news, Jan! I know that is an answer to prayers. So glad your hubby is ok, and the infection is cleared up. Now you can breath:)!

  5. Dear Jan, So glad Tom is cancer free and the lung infection is healing nicely. The power of pray is mighty!! I hope your attorney can help with the medical bills now and prayer continue for you.
    Thanks for stopping by while I've been gone and the bday greeting.
    Take good care and blessings be yours my friend.
    Hugs, CM