Wayfair Shopping Review - Accent Chest

I'm in LOVE with this beautiful Pulaski Furniture, Artistic Expression Hand-Painted 4 Drawer Accent Chest.  I found this beauty at Wayfair - on-line, never having to leave the comfort of my own home!  [I absolutely love shopping on-line!]  As you can see, it has 4 drawers and a pull-out shelf at the top.  It's color is Black Onyx, with this gorgeous Bronzey-Gold hand-painted design [in person, it's not quite as pronounced design as shown here].  But, that's OK, I really had hoped it would be a little less brilliant when I got it.  It is very well made and has antique brass hardware.  Delivery was very quick...
 I ordered it late on the 18th and it was here on the 23rd.  Its' dimensions are 31" H x 26" W x 17" D and it weighs a whopping 81 pounds!
There were, however a couple of problems with the chest when it arrived.  There was a nasty looking repair done to the front of the top drawer...and it was very gray looking, rather than the Black Onyx {pix #1 in collage}.

I sent the service department an email with a couple of photos and quickly received an apology and was told that they would be shipping a new chest to me and that I'd receive the tracking information on it when it was delivered.  

A few days later, it arrived.

Sadly, it had more problems than the first one {see photos with red areas in 4 photos in collage}.

I was able to take the top drawer of the 2nd chest and use it in the 1st chest - but the design pattern didn't line up from the chest to that drawer very well...but it looked OK.
 {excuse the lighting in these photos in a dark room...and the dusty white stuff all over...it's from the packaging materials}

I wrote back and told them that...and asked what they were going to do about the damaged chest, since they hadn't mentioned anything and I was told to either toss it or donate it, whatever I wanted to do with it, because the service department didn't want it back.
So, I figured I had nothing to lose...and I took the damaged drawer, that matched Chest #1 and worked on it...using Annie Sloan Dark Soft Wax and a cloth and rubbed a bit on to the damaged area of the drawer...and then buffed it out.  It pretty much hid all of the damage...but a bit remains {see the larger photo in the collage above}.  Perhpas I'll try rubbing some more on the spot tomorrow.  However, the chest doesn't face the light from a window and even in lamp light in the room, it's fairly well concealed.  I'm happy with that.  I even fixed another mar on the side of the chest with the same wax.  I had mentioned trying that to Wayfair Service and they said that wasn't necessary that they would just send a new chest.  Here's the photo - same shot as above minus the damage.
So, with the other badly damaged chest, I guess I'll try my hand at fixing it...or maybe even painting it.  We'll see.  You can never have too many chests with drawers around the house.

Overall, I had a great experience with Wayfair and will shop there again.

I did NOT receive anything for this review...these are my true feelings about this shopping experience. 
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Pulaski makes decent furniture. My daughter used to work for a distributor. Too bad that you had so many problems with the piece. I am glad Wayfair stood by their product. That always makes me happy to hear about something like that. It is a beautiful piece and now you have TWO of them. xo Diana

  2. Hi Jan, what a gorgeous chest. I love the details. So glad that Wayfair made good on your purchase and now you have two. You did a great job on the fix. Could you use these as nightstands. Just gorgeous my friend. Wishing you a wonderful Easter week.
    Hope spring is arriving to you soon.
    Hugs and Blessings, CM