How To Make Your Own Personalized Favicon Tutorial

Oh, I had so much fun making this Favicon {while my Pups are away being groomed by Aunt Linda}, which I use on my Blog...and anywhere else I can.  First thing I did was dig through png(s) that I've purchased of crowns and Pups...and I found one pup that looked like 2 of mine...and it was an outline and easily converted into a png.  Google "making a png" on whatever Editor you may have.  I used Photoscape, which is Free and easily downloaded to your computer Here.  I've used Photoscape for years and get their...
updated versions and they always work.  
Open PicMonkey and click on Design.  Select Transparent Canvas and Apply.  Click on the Butterfly (overlays) in the left column and then click Your Own...and then select the location (mine were on My Computer) and select your first photo.  In this case, it was my crown.  Repeat for a 2nd overlay, like my Pup.  I applied my Pup to the Crown, adjusting to get sizing correct.  Then I cropped the photo in a square...mine was 380x380.  And I saved it.  To make it small enough for a Favicon, I resized it to 100x100 and also saved that image.

Then I went to my Blog Layout...Favicon in the top left and uploaded the smaller image...and Presto, there it is.  If you have a Blog Roll on your Blog and have Icons selected to appear, you will see my Favicon and all of the other Favicons other Blogs use.  I like them, because I can always quickly scan my Blog Roll, for my Favorite Blogs!  I actually wish more Bloggers used these little things.

While I was on PicMonkey with the Favicon, I decided to make a Watermark for my Pictures that appear on my Blog.  This is what I came up with.


And a couple of pictures with these applied...

Have a wonderful day!
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Well, aren't YOU clever? I have never played with any of that stuff before. When I found out how to watermark something in PicMonkey I though I had reached blogging Nirvana! lol xo Diana

  2. Hi Jan, GREAT job!! Love your Favicon. I also have photoscape and use it nearly everyday along with picmonkey. I have wanted to do this but with lack of time I just haven't gotten it done. I've been doing so many things lately and one designing my hubbies new business cards. I love using these sites too and learned so much over the past few years. Thanks for sharing. I love what you came up with.
    Wishing you a wonderful and Happy Easter,
    Hugs, CM