Passionate Life - A Break Too

After everything that's been going on in my life, I have decided to take a Blog Break.

While on my Blog Break, I want to get out and do things, take walks with my Pups and go places with them.  I want to Spring Clean everything...and toss or give away everything I don't need or want.  I want to bake and cook.  I want to make new friends.  I want to just do stuff.  I want to seek the Lord's direction...
and feel peace and joy.

I want to feel the wind in my hair!!

Here's poem I found by Carol Hearn, entitled...

A breeze tousles a lock of my hair. 
It tickles my face as I brush it away. 
Where does the wind start and end? 
Always on the move keeping no time schedule. 

You can't catch it in your hand. 
But you can feel it's presence around you. 
You can't see it. 
But you can see the things it can move. 
You can't hear it 
But you can hear the noise it makes. 
When it goes through or around other objects. 

Isn't this kind of the way it is with God? 

You don't know where He starts or ends. 
He has no time schedule. 
You can't hold Him in your hand. 
But you can feel His presence. 

You can't see Him. 
But you can see things He has created. 
You can't hear Him in an audible voice. 
But He speaks to you through the Bible. 

My plan is to be away the entire month of April...and return in May sometime.

So, until I return, be well and please keep me in your prayers.

Oh...and don't forget me!!  ♥
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

I'm Jan and I'm happy you stopped in. Please, leave a comment and follow along..


  1. Sometimes we all need a break Jan. Take your precious time and be at peace. Enjoy your pups, because they give us so much joy! May your life be blessed and full of joy. xoxo Linda

  2. I understand, Jan. You have been through a lot in these past few weeks. I hope you find some peace in your time away. I will be praying for you. xo Diana

  3. Dearest Jan,
    Of course, a break will be so refreshing, uplifting and just what you need. I hope that your reflection and time spent with the wind in your hair, the sun at your back and the road ahead will bring you clarity, peace and serenity.
    I am here if you need to talk.

  4. Everyone needs a break eventually, Jan :) Be happy and enjoy it and come back when you feel refreshed.


  5. Jan, I never forget you, even if I don't comment regularly. Some blogging bonds are very special. I took a few days off throughout the past two weeks, didn't post as regularly, and stepped away from the computer. It was good for me. May your time off be restoring and peaceful.
    Hope you had a lovely Easter.
    Much love!
    PS-Listening to your music.

  6. Hi Jan
    Hope you and your pups are doing ok. Hang in there and enjoy your break. I really like that poem, so true about feeling the wind, and not being able to see it. What a good analogy between that and God. I want to get back to a simpler place in life, too. Sometimes life gets too complicated, doesn't it?!

  7. Dearest Jan, everyone needs a break now and again. We shall be waiting for your sweet return. In the meantime I hope you are enjoying life to the fullest!

  8. Hi Jan,
    just popping in to say hi and thanks for your sweet comments on Katie's pics! Hope you and the pups are doing ok!

  9. Hi Jan, A break will do you so much good. Everyone needs it from time to time and I know it will give you the lift you need after all that has been going on. No one has shown so much courage in the face of diversity and God will guide you in the place you need to be. Enjoy your time with the pups and be refreshed. Prayers for you my long time friend and remember I'm only a email away.
    See you again soon.
    Love, CM