Get Trained and Be Trained Every Day

We each have unique talents to use to further the kingdom of God.  You need to stay in your strength zone, but get out of your comfort zone.  – John Maxwell
          Every year on January first, thousands of people flood gyms nationwide in search of a healthier lifestyle. Many have tried and failed on their own and are in need of a trainer. They need someone who will push them out of their comfort zone and encourage them until different results are achieved. Lee shared that before he started with his trainer, he could not even do one push-up. With dedication and guidance, he is now up to 2 sets of 25! Growing...
into a deeper relationship with Christ is the same.

A trainer’s job is to create a workout that is unique to each client. Each person has different
strengths and talents and cannot be expected to perform the same as the client before. Similarly, God has gifted each of His children with talents unique to them and their abilities. It can be easy to get caught up in the comparison game, especially when observing someone with the same talent as yourself. The parable of the three servants in Matthew 25 lets us know that God values everyone the same, but treats everyone differently. The choice is ours. Will we be like the first two servants and invest into the kingdom and perform our best? Or, will we bury our gifts because we are afraid someone else might do it better? We should be celebrating the performance of fellow Christians while continuing to bring our best each day.

Life doesn’t have to be perfect for you to use your gifts. You can bring value and talent wherever you are, no matter how messy things seem.

READ and THINK… What does the Bible say?
  1. In Matthew 25, Jesus tells the parable of the three servants. The servants are each given different amounts of money to care for while their master is gone. Two invested the money while the third buried it out of fear. This is the master’s response to the two who invested their money.
Question: Read Matthew 25:14-28. Who does the master represent? Who do the servants represent? 

Matthew 25:23 (New Living Translation)

The master said, “Well done, my good and faithful servant! You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Let’s celebrate together!”

Paul writes to the Romans to encourage them to keep on in their faith. Their faith in God had been heard about all over the world.

Question: Why did Paul want to bring them spiritual gifts? What does he say having these gifts will do for their faith?

Romans 1:11-12 (New Living Translation)

11 For I long to visit you so I can bring you some spiritual gift that will help you grow strong in the Lord. 12 When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours.

Timothy was a young pastor who needed the reminder that his spiritual “muscles” needed training just as much as his physical body. 

Question: Why is training for godliness better than just physical training? What result does it bring?

1 Timothy 4:8 (New Living Translation)

Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come.

LIVE… What will you do now?What talents/skills has God given you? How are you using them? How would you like to use them more often or to a greater measure?

Do you find yourself comparing your talents/skills to others? Or do you often wish that you had someone else’s talent? When are comparisons most likely to happen?

How can you shift your focus and reignite a passion for doing God’s work with your unique gift?

PRAY… God, what do you want me to know and do?

Thank God for giving you talents that are unique to you. Ask God to present opportunities for you to use these gifts. Pray each day for renewed strength so you can perform to the best of your ability.
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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