It Rained So Hard - See For Yourself

This storm roared in...hung around, dumped alot of rain...made alot of noise, as in Thundering and then after about 20 minutes it moved out of the area.  While it was pouring, I grabbed my camera and took some shots from my office window.  The water was just pounding against the window.   Normally, I can see way beyond the 2 houses you see here...where it looks like fog, it isn't...that's the RAIN!  The rain makes a horrendous sound when...
it's falling down on my Skylights.  I have 2 of them in the Kitchen and 1 in each bathroom.  Rosie, in particular, doesn't like the noise at all.  It gets so loud, if I'm on the phone or watching TV, I have to go to another where there are NO skylights.

Here, you can actually see the raindrops...and the big puddles the rain created on my patio and in my wall garden.  If the hydrangeas weren't already gone, I would have been watching them getting smashed and pelted by the heavy rain and then seen them flat on the ground afterwards.  I'm so glad they're gone.

Here's another look between the 2 neighbor's houses.  See the trees, there are several other homes beyond those trees, that, normally, I can see quite plain.

Stay safe.
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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