Part 4, No Hydrangeas

These two guys from TLC Landscaping Solutions {call Josh if you need work done and you live in the Toledo Ohio area}, worked hard, in rather warm conditions, to get all 16 of these Hydrangeas out of my Wall Garden.  They did a really good job!  {they broke 2 shovels digging}  Can you imagine?  And they hauled all 16 bushes away to the dump for me, too!   The courtyard looks so empty.  Next summer, things will be changed, if I have...
enough time and money to get everything to make the changes.

These are my Endless Summer Hydrangeas...not blooming much more than last year.  They used to be FULL of much so, that you didn't see much green on the bushes.  {Photo below is from Summer 2013 - quite a difference}  These bushes, if they don't bloom next year, they will be taken out, too!

Hostas...looking a bit bedraggled.  I'm not happy with these either.  This is the 2nd year in a row that they've look they will be gone in 2016.  You can see a trend here, can't you?

Below, if you look at the bed under the tree, you'll see it's empty.  It used to have Day Lilies in it...not anymore it doesn't.  I never liked the color and they were just too much trouble. is the Nekked {like my friend Shelia means Naked} Wall Garden now.  What you see are twigs and a few roots that need to be raked up and thrown out.  In fall or spring, I will add peat moss to the dirt as I plant the new plants.  I still haven't entirely decided what I'm going to plant, but I'm pretty sure there will be some Lavender out there.

The blocks that are on their side on this front wall will be removed and the solid cement "cap" will sit one block lower, at ground level. 

This is the Pup's Pen that I built...and added a gate to.  It's inside the courtyard, at the bottom of the porch steps and that's where they go potty at night.  The porchlight is right at the top of the porch stairs and I have a great view of them from inside the door.  When they had free run of the entire 800 square foot courtyard, I couldn't always see them, because of things being in the way and the other end of the courtyard...near the front quite dark at night.  This works out much better.  It's a concrete patio that measures about 10' x 12' and it never has standing water on it...and with the blocks on their side, air is able to circulate well in their "Pen".  

Here's another thing I have to take care of this year...the porch and stairs.  It needs LOTS of help.  I've never liked the porch because the railings are waaaaaay too high and too flat, with nothing to grab ahold of.  The patio table is a typical dinner table height - 30".  And the railing all the way around the porch towers a good 7-8" above that!  When I sit in the chairs I have on the porch, I can't see OVER the railings!  None of my neighbors have railings that high.  Ridiculous.  I'd love to take a saw and cut them down...but, then what would I do?  LOL!!  The Pups all love sitting and lounging on the porch.  We usually spend some time each day out there.  I was trying to get the Pups to pose...but they were just doing their own thing.  Jasper's way on the left, you can just see a portion of his face...Rosie is on the left and Angel is on the right at the top of the stairs.

As you can see, I've already accomplished alot outside {you can read about that HERE}...and still have alot more to do.  You should see my list for INSIDE the house.

Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. It is nekked! :) I know you're happy to get rid of your hydrangeas and I'm trying to get my one to survive! :) You'll have fun though starting from scratch! A clean slate for you. The doggies look so cute!
    Have a great week.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)