Crepes for Dessert

4 eggs
3 cups milk
1 tsp salt
2 cups flour
hazelnut spread...

sliced bananas
whipped cream
    With hand mixer, beat eggs, milk, flour and salt, until fairly smooth.  Pour about 1/3 - 1//2 cup of batter into hot, lightly buttered 8-inch griddle.  Cook both sides and stack on serving plate. Butter griddle as needed.  

    Prepare filling and topping: sliced bananas, hazelnut topping in piping tube and whipped cream. Spread hazelnut topping down center of crepe, top with bananas, fold over and top with whipped cream.

    OPTIONS: steamed, sliced apples, with caramel sauce or any fresh or cooked berries
    Jan Tanis
    Jan Tanis

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