5:30am this morning...I let my Pups outside to do their thing...No Fog.  At 7:00am, they wanted to go outside again.  FOG!  I couldn't see beyond my Courtyard Wall!  Now it's 8:00am and this is what it looks like outside my office window.  

No matter the kind of weather, I always take pictures from my office window!  Here are some additional pictures from my...


Sorry about the reflection of my camera in the middle of this photo [the circle].

This is my view on most days from my Office Window [just for comparison]...

Just a couple more...

I know...you didn't expect to see SNOW, did you.  It will be here sooner than we think!!  This year has just flown by.  I'm really glad I got a Snow Blower to help remove snow.  Much easier than shoveling!!

Speaking about Snow Blowers and Shoveling...now's the time to get those things you need for winter...the stores are stocked up now.  I know, because I bought my Snow Blower and Shovel at Lowe's on a day when the temperature outside was 87°!!

I sure got some "looks" as I checked out and packed them in my car.  But, I like to plan ahead.
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Hi Jan, wow look at that fog. What a difference a little time makes. The snow is all too close behind. So glad you got a snow blower this year. It will sure come in handy. We have my dad's snowblower from Michigan. We will never need it here but hubby just had to hold on to it and now I suppose it's a vintage snow blower. When fired up, it still runs great!!
    Happy Fall~~ Hugs, cm