I Love the Holidays...

Years ago, when my 2 boys were little, it was me who did all of the Holiday cooking and baking.  I hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner at my home.  Most times there were between 20 and 30 people who came to dinner - almost all family.  I was 5 months pregnant the first Thanksgiving Day and still having morning sickness.  I cleaned, cooked and did...
everything I could a little at a time.  I was proud of how everything looked and tasted and was all ready at the same time!!  I had just turned 20 the month before.

After my first marriage broke up and we divorced, and the boys got older and went their own way...there was the occasional dinner out with the boys...or with a friend...or dinner at the Moose Club with my mother and her husband...and the rest of the family.  [there was always alot of drama surrounding these "special occasion dinners" spent with my family - so they weren't always alot of fun]    

There were Holidays spent with a special guy, a friend or 2, but mostly I spent Thanksgiving by myself.  I'm not complaining about that...it was fine with me.  I would have pizza and decorate my apartment for Christmas.  I would get alot done, because no one stopped over or called that day!

I remember one Holiday [I think Christmas] when my oldest son invited me to dinner at his place.  He did alot of cooking and baking and we had a wonderful dinner and a great time.

There was a Thanksgiving, right after I moved to Rutledge, TN, back in 2003.  I moved into a mobile home, owned by the Pastor and his family...on their road.  Boy it needed alot of work...which I gladly did, to make it home.  But, if I hadn't planned well for Thanksgiving, bought goodies for me to cook, bake and eat, I wouldn't have had anything in the house...and would have gone hungry, since everyone forgot about me, when it came to that day.  That was probably the "worst" best Thanksgiving ever.  I decorated my home...but felt alone.

Holiday dinners have been virtually non-existant for years now...and I had thoughts of inviting a few people for dinner at my house.  Well, the people I know all have family and have plans.  And since injuring my knee almost 2 weeks ago, it's not totally better and it would be too difficult for me to even consider making Thanksgiving Dinner for several people now...so that is a good thing that my friends have plans.

Have you ever found yourself alone for a Holiday...for a special dinner?  What did you do to make it special?  Were you able to secure an invitation from someone to go to their house?  How did you handle that, if you did?  How did that work out for you?

I did ask one "friend" if she had room for one more and I promised to bring a couple of dishes to help her out, if she would have room for me.  She said very politely and apologetically that she didn't have the space.  I know what her house is like and with the number of people she said were coming, I know she was probably overloaded already!!  I said, thanks...maybe some other time.

So, this Thanksgiving...on my own again, I'm making a few of my favorite things.  I'm making...

In between cooking, baking and eating, the Pups and I will enjoy some together time snuggling in front of the TV...watching Christmas movies.  I'll also put up the few Christmas items I have for decorating my home.  After last Christmas, the small Christmas tree we had, fell apart and this years was the year to start over with some new Christmas Stuff.  But, I can't physically and really don't want to go shopping for any of it.  LOL!!!  A woman who hates to shop!!  That's me!!

I sincerely hope that you have the Thanksgiving of your Dreams.  Stay safe, warm and be well. 
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Jan- I have spent several holidays by myself years ago. It was odd -after always having warm family meals with extended relatives but I got by. I refused to let it get me down and I watched old movies and read some books that I had set aside to read. I think it is nice that you are doing something special for yourself. I have spent a couple of holidays as a tag-along at someone's home and, honestly, it was easier to just spend it by myself than make small talk and feel like the odd man out. xoDiana

  2. Hi Jan, Holidays can be the best of times and the saddest of times. I have not spent a holiday all alone, but as a family, we have been apart of extended family many times. I know that if I was to be completely on my own for a holiday, I would do okay. It never bothers me to be by myself and am a lot of the time with my hubs travels. Your plans sounds really special and with the pups you will mark a new beginning. I always keep you in my prayers and God Bless you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Sending hugs your way. xo