My Favorite Etsy Shop

Do you have a Favorite Shop?  Is it a real storefront shop or an on-line shop?  My Favorite Shop happens to be on Etsy.  I shop there alot.  I love Celestina's from CelestinaMarieDesign, beautifully painted creations...because they are done in my colors and have her signature roses on them.  There's a link to her shop at the end of this post and I recommend you stop by and take a peek at her shop.  One such item I just couldn't be without was this pretty, handpainted sign.  I had just the spot for it.  It would  not only look very pretty, co-ordinating with...
items around it, but it would help me hide some unsightly cords.  Don't you just despise those unsightly cords?

This is how she described it in her shop...Just for you and your shabby cottage home is my wood with VINTAGE word and roses shabby wall sign.  Words are stenciled in place with charcoal dark grey for a softer style on an ivory shade of chalk paint for the background.  Light aqua with distress graces the routed sides and back.  My hand painted signature roses grace both sides trailing around and into the letters.  Light distress all around with shading and highlights around the roses.  Sealed in a satin finish to protect the design.  Measures 24" long by 6" wide and 1" thick.  Saw tooth hangers added to the back side for ready display. 

After all that, I knew it had to be in my home!

Here are a few pictures of where I put the sign and how wonderful it looks there.

I'm so happy with this sign - just like all of the other "pretties" I've gotten from Celestina's shop over the years.  She's a wonderful creator and painter and a most cherished friend.  Stop by and see her.

Enjoy your day!
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Celestina is a very talented artist, plus a very sweet lady. Your sign looks great there. xo

  2. Hi Jan, I am so honored by your post and how kind of you to give me the mention and to share your sign. I LOVE it where you have it displayed and the cups and saucers on each side displayed like that is such a great touch. Where did you find such special racks going side ways? Awesome display. The size of the sign fit perfectly. It must have been meant to be!
    Once again thanks for the mention, but more importantly, thank you for your years of patronage and support. Your visits to my shop humble me more then I can say and a great encouragement to continue in my world of creating for special people just like you. You are a cherished friend and I am blessed to know you.
    Thank you so very much and enjoy your sign for years to come. I am so pleased it lives with you in your lovely home.

  3. I absolutely ADORE Celeste. She is one of the finest bloggers I know and SOOO talented. Did you know that she painted ornaments that were displayed at the Whtie House and was honored there?
    Not only is she talented- she is humble and those qualities don't always go hand in hand. Great post for her. I know she appreciates it!..oh- I see from above comment that she DOES appreciate it. I never read previous comments but this one caught my eye. lol xo Diana