Time Flies - One Year Since Last Vacation

My goodness, how time has flown by - this year is a blur!  And, the things that have changed around here...is remarkable!  Last year at this time, my family [hubby and the pups & I] were on our semi-annual vacation in Michigan.  You can read about it in This Post.  While it was cold last year at this time...it is warm here this year.  We're about to set a...
warm temperature record over the next couple of days!  Yesterday was 72°.

Here are some of the photos from last years' vacation in Baroda, Michigan...near the beach.

The 3 Pups, Jasper, Angel & Rosie certainly enjoyed themselves - a new place to check out, people to meet, steps to run up and down...and a few resident dogs of the property too.

I haven't been able to take a vacation this year at all.  I've spent money on other things...like re-painting the interior of the house...which I'm doing by myself...and saving a ton of money.  And that's a good thing, since the Pups and I are trying to save money.

Hubby is no longer in the picture.  He left on April 3 this year and moved in with his oldest son and his family.  It was all quite a shock, because he never mentioned the idea of leaving me.  Due to him being incommunicado, I haven't spoken to him since the day he left.  He doesn't write, text, call or answer emails.  I am out-of-the-loop. 

There have been good and bad days, due to all the changes.  But, the good have far outweighed the bad.  Now, don't take me wrong...I have not suffered any illnesses and neither have the dogs in the past 7 months.  I've not suffered abuse at the hands of my hubby...be it mental, verbal or physical abuse.  I haven't felt afraid.  I haven't felt frozen.  I haven't felt helpless or hopeless.  I haven't felt defeated.  At the time I was experiencing the mis-treatment, I didn't realize that I felt those things.  It was a gradual thing...over a period of about 7 years...where hubby changed, due to what we both think was onset of Alzheimer's.  That really changes people.

In the past 7 months, I've lost 62 pounds.  I've gotten physically and emotionally stronger.  I've done things that a year ago, I was afraid to even try to do [like climbing a ladder to paint].  I felt weak then, which limited the things I felt I could do around the house, with the dogs and just stopped doing them!

Not any more.

God has been by my side...guiding me...pushing me...waiting for me...loving me...blessing me...filling me with His peace...and so much more.

And my friends...I've been blessed by all of you as well.

I will be away from blogging regularly for a little while longer, while I finish painting the last rooms of my house.  Hopefully, I will be finished sooner, rather than later.  My goal is to be done the week before Thanksgiving, not that I have anything big planned...it's just the time I selected to finish.

But, I'll be around.
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Hi Jan! I know you've been through so much but you have shown us your strength. I'm so glad you're doing so well, mentally and physically! 62 pounds! Wow! That's something! Continue taking care of yourself.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. HI Jan, How fast the last year has gone by. You have come so far and done it all with courage and grace. You are an inspiration my friend. 62 pounds lost is a great accomplishment. May God continue to bless you with better days ahead. Love to you and the pups. Your long time friend. Hugs, xo