A Gift for Christmas 2015 In My Home

The weather here has been so cloudy and I needed some sunlight to take some decent photos for this post and another one tomorrow...and I got sunshine this morning!!  So, I wasted no time taking all the pictures I needed in order to do this post.  I wanted to share my Christmas Home with you. This is what people see when they enter my front door and turn to their right.  I have my Dining Room table at the end of my Kitchen [and next to the Great Room], next to the big island.  It's not crowded and it freed up my actual Dining Room space just beyond, to be...
made into a Sitting Room.

I have a beautifully painted TeaPot Lamp that I purchased from Celestina Marie Designs on Etsy years ago...it stays on all day and night.  It takes a nightlight bulb and softly lights up the area nicely.  Behind it is one of Celestina's beautifully painted Vintage Sewing Machine Drawers.  I use it for recipes, napkins, it even held my Christmas Cards until I found another way to display them.  I have my favorite TeaCup and Saucer, a pretty platter [Old Country Roses] and a planter with a pretty girl dressed up in her "pretties" [1961 Inarco piece]. 

Then just beyond my Dining Table, on my island is the Gift I won on Celestina's Blog nearly 2 weeks ago.  I was so surprised to win!!  When she contacted me and I saw that I was the winner of the Pink Shabby Chic 10" Christmas Tree, I started crying...happy tears, of course.  There are Vintage candle holders and a Vintage Silverplate Tray that I polished sitting on top of what looks like a runner, but are 2 separate placemats laid end to end.

The little statue of the Bear-Santa-Angel receiving a Gift from Another Bear Angel, I've had for years [1994 Teddy Angels statue]

Here are some close-ups from Celestina's Southern Day Dreams Blog.  They show all of the lovely details.  I love my new tree!

I have a Hearth Kitchen, which has upper cabinets on one side of my Kitchen, either side of my stove, that sit directly on the countertop and are attached to the wall, just like any other cabinets.  I use them, since they are glass fronts, to show off some of my "pretties".  Vintage Pyrex Gooseberry pattern Princess bowls...Hand painted Cake plate Cover [by Celestina]...TeaPots too and many other items.  The inside backs of my cupboards are covered with Black Foam Core Board, so the "pretties" show up their best.  [sorry about the glare!]  

TeaCups and Saucers hanging either side of the stove...and the Vintage sign is hand-painted by Celestina, too!  I love her work!  I have lots of it throughout my home.

The other side of the Hearth Kitchen...matching cabinets.  The 2 doors to the left of the Glass Front Cabinets are where I have cookie sheets and muffin pans and trays [unbreakable of course] stored.  I have a matching set of those doors on the other side of the kitchen.

The next 2 photos are of my Sitting Room, formerly my Dining Room.  The little light you see top right is the only ceiling light in my Sitting Room...it's a ceiling mounted swag light.  I'm sure you can see a couple other pretties I got from Celestina's shop!

The framed prints and sconces on the wall are all olden, gotten from antique shops and flea markets.  I have alot of that kind of stuff around my home and didn't pay alot for them.

The photo above was taken with flash and the photo below was taken just with room lighting.

The gold Christmas tree on the table is sitting in a little china dish glued to the top of a crystal candleholder and actually holds an LED candle pillar, which I light at night and it just softly lights the tree.  The 2 tier table on the left is Vintage also - came painted white at a little shop in Medina, Ohio - and that I brought home and promptly painted black and added gold Rub & Buff...to highlight some areas on the legs and around the edges of the round tables. 

If you look closely, you'll see my pups Leopard Print Bed tucked under the bench - they love getting in there, even though there isn't much headroom.  It's their cave...one of a few around the house.

Thanks for visiting and have a blessed and Merry Christmas!
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Dear Jan, your home is just gorgeous for Christmas and every detail is presented so beautifully. How humbled I am with the mention in my giveaway and so thrilled you won. I just love how you redesigned your kitchen leaving room for a sitting room where the dining used to be. What a great new floor plan. I love all the accents you add with pink and black. So pretty and cozy blessed with the warmth of the season.
    I so enjoyed seeing how you use so many treasures from my shop. I have to say, I have forgotten them all. Once they leave me, and they find new homes like yours, I really forget what I have created over the years. So special to see them being loved in your home in such pretty ways. You bless my heart and I appreciate you more then I can say.

    Thanks for including me in your lovely post for a tour of your Christmas home. I pray you enjoy the spirit of the season and many blessings come your way in the new year.
    Merry Christmas dear friend and joy to you always. love, xo

  2. Hi Jan,
    Your kitchen is so pretty, I love your wood cabinets! And I also love all of the creations by Celestina. Her work is just beautiful, isn't it? Congrats on the win of her tree, it's adorable! Love the tiny pink glittered light bulbs! I hope you and your fur kids have a very Merry Christmas! It was so nice to see the sun today, wasn't it? We won't be having a white Christmas here, but that is just fine with me:) Hope 2016 brings you many blessings!

    PS: thanks so much for the blog visit!!

  3. Hi Jan....Your home looks gorgeous, as always! Merry Christmas!

  4. So pretty Jan. Love the pink! Such a lovely gift from the giveaway. Wishing you and your fur babies the merriest Christmas. Xo