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After trying alot of socks, looking for comfort and durability + something in a low-cut [my preference] OR 1/4 sock that wouldn't slide down my heel into my shoes.  That is just so uncomfortable.  Now that I'm out and about alot more than I have been in years, I need comfortable shoes and socks.  My feet have always given me problems - bunions [don't hurt with proper shoes], calluses [controlled with Amopei and NordicCare Foot Cream], tenderness and plantar fasciitis...

I shopped a few on-line sites and found Foot Zen socks [FootSmart].  I ordered one pair of quarter socks from one site AND I was in-love!  When I went to order additional socks, they were out of my size.  [they would have been the same price as the ones I ended up about those after this photo] 

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So...I looked and found another site that had a slightly different sock, but it was FootZen at [Shoe Buy]. 

When I received them yesterday, I was so excited to Foot Zen Soft Rib Sox for Christmas. But, after wearing a pair for 30 minutes, I found them to so uncomfortable and they were constantly slipping down the back of my foot, into my shoes. After checking out the SHOEBUY site about returns, I see there is a re-stocking fee on each item of $6.95. ???? That's more than HALF of what was paid for ONE PAIR OF SOX! I thought the price paid was high enough. $27.27 [with 20% coupon code] for 3 pairs - MINUS $20.85 [restocking fee of $6.95 on each pair] would mean a refund of ONLY $6.42...WOW! How disappointing.  

I can't honestly recommend ShoeBuy.

But, I can totally recommend FootSmart!  I have shopped alot at FOOTSMART and if you do return anything to them, there is a Return label and depending on the weight of the box, a flat fee for shipping deducted from your return.  The flat fee is reasonable.

Happy Ending...Footsmart now has my sock size available again - in my desired low-cut socks...and I ordered more of them there.  And I got a nice discount...and I know I'll be happy with them when I get them.  They are so soft - no seams - they don't bind and make my feet feel so good. 

Thought I'd share about Nordic Care Foot Cream, which my massage therapist sells in her studio.  I'd seen her write-ups about it and decided to try it.  After trying so many others, this is the only one that truly works on those difficult callouses of mine.  It smells good, melts into the skin and doesn't feel greasy at all.  You can order it by clicking on their website link above.  They also have a wonderful Lavender Hand Cream!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

***I haven't received anything for this review, these are my own thoughts and words.***
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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