My New La-Z-Boy Sofa and Shopping Review

As promised, here is my NEW La-Z-Boy Sofa and My Shopping Review.  Since I've been an Interior Designer by trade, most of my life, I tend to decorate with pieces from the BEST Manufacturers, purchased from the BEST stores in town...or even on-line.  I've done this forever!  So, when I decided I wanted a Reclining Sofa - with only 2 seats [big enough for me and my 3 little PuppyKids to sit on]...I of course, headed out to La-Z-Boy in Toledo, on Monroe Street.  I have made many purchases there in the nearly 11 years I've lived here in Michigan.  When I first moved
into this house, I purchased a Reclining Sofa and...
2 Recliners, with co-ordinating Fabric for the Great Room.  Several years later, I sold them, which gave me a good portion of the money needed to purchase another Reclining Sofa and 2 Recliners in co-ordinating fabric...which again were La-Z-Boy.  I owned a La-Z-Boy sleeper for a while, but found it terribly uncomfortable, with cushions flattening within the first 2 weeks...exchanged it for a Reclining Sofa for the Den.

All in all, I have purchased all of my upholstered furniture from La-Z-Boy [except one armless chair you'll see in this post].  4 Sofas [reclining and that sleeper] and 6 recliners.   I still have a reclining sofa and 2 recliners in my Great Room...2 recliners in my Sitting Room and now, my NEW [5th] Reclining Sofa in my Den. 

I selected the fabric [from about 50 that were available], which is very durable and in a very nice toast color, which goes with my curtains and carpeting...and painted the walls a much better color from Sherwin Williams.  I had that all done well before the sofa was finished being made for me.  It's very comfortable.

I have the manual power for me.  Just more stuff to go wrong.  But, this is the Reclining Sofa I purchased.  It's the Niagara - a full size 2-cushion Sofa.  The fabric is called Lambskin and the color is will see the color in another photo.  This photo shows all the details of the sofa.
However, it did arrive with a couple of problems.  The armrest on the right side was very lumpy and there was a cut in the fabric on the right side of the footrest.  The cushion on that same side was not level with the other side, the fabric in the corner had been attached too tightly.  So, I got to find out how their new "COMFORT CARE" department handled things.

This is my Sofa in my Den.  I don't have the entire room decorated yet, so if it looks empty, it is.  Hopefully, I will find more things to put in here than what I already have.

I called them right after delivery, which wasn't the smoothest.  I had gotten a phone call from one of the guys, asking for directions to my house, but I could barely hear him or understand him. When the truck that brought my sofa rumbled [quite loudly] down the street, having no La-Z-Boy markings on it and stopping right in the middle of the street...with 2 guys who got out, looking more like thugs than deliverymen...I was shocked!  They weren't the type of person I would invite into my home.  I thought, perhaps this wasn't my sofa at all!  Then after looking inside their truck and seeing my sofa, I thought fast.  But they acted as though they didn't speak English at all.  I finally got it across to them that they needed to move their truck, to allow vehicles to get around them, if they needed to.  They also didn't listen to me when I told them they needed to remove the backs of the sofa, to get it up my sidewalk, up my porch and into the door.  They tried it their way and found that they needed to remove the backs after all.  So, back to the truck they went.

I just led them to the room [the Den] where the sofa would go and pointed to where it should be placed and then stood and watched them.  After they put the backs on they walked out of the room and handed me the form to sign for the delivery.  They also gave me a questionnaire about how the delivery went, that I was supposed to fill out THEN, which asked questions about the delivery crew.  I told them no, shook my head and showed them the door.

I called my salesperson, who I have dealt with for most of my purchases and she told me that the guys speak English...and couldn't believe I'd had problems with them.  I was surprised by her attitude.  She's also the one who told me I'd have to deal with Comfort Care for the problems with the upholstery.  She mentioned that I'd better plan on spending some time getting through to them.  Hmmmm.

Here is the armless chair I mentioned the corner across from the reclining came from another furniture store in town, when I first moved into this house.  I love it.  That doorway is from the Den [former Guest Bedroom] into the attached Bathroom.  Outside of a few things on the wall, I am still searching for the rest of the items I want in the Den.

She was right!  I called COMFORT CARE for service and waited nearly 20 minutes to talk to someone, who put me on hold, to leave a message for someone else.  I called back and waited another 15 minutes and asked if I leave a message, how long will it be until I get a response.  I was told within 5 or 6 hours.  Ok, so I left a message.

One of the 2 servicemen I've had out to take care of other La-Z-Boy furniture things for me, called and set up an appointment to come out and check everything out.  He was on time, nice as ever and didn't take long to take photos and write up what he was going to do.  He gave me a few week time span for the NEW right half of my sofa to come in and then said he'd call to come out and put it on.  He did just that.  When the piece came in [within the time promised], he called and set a time for the following week.  Again, he was on time...friendly and talkative, polite and got down to business putting the new piece on.  He let me know when he was finished [less than 30 minutes] and asked me to check it out.  Everything was fine.

While he was here, I told him about the problems I had with delivery...and he said I would be getting a survey on-line to fill out.  Good, I thought.  A couple weeks after delivery, I got that survey, took the time to answer all their questions and when I was about to send it, I was asked if I'd like a call-back to discuss the problems I'd had.  I checked YES and supplied the info they needed and Sent the message.

A month later, when I didn't hear anything, I left a message on the corporate and local Facebook pages for La-Z-Boy.  Corporate replied within 2 hours, saying that they were sorry about the problems I had and would forward the message on to the store manager...and instruct him to contact me.  Another month went by and I contacted corporate and let them know I hadn't heard anything.  They promised to reach out to the store manager and distribution department and have them BOTH contact me.   It's been nearly 3 months since my sofa was delivered.  The only thing I've heard is a short comment on one Facebook page [La-Z-Boy] from the Manager Matt, for me to call him.

I sent that message to corporate on Friday and haven't heard anything.  I give up.

One thing I do know...besides the problem I had with delivery and the way my sofa arrived, in not the best condition, they have made alot of changes in the way the sofa is made...and how they handle service requests.  On the corporate Facebook page, there are hundreds of other people complaining about delivery, furniture, service and Comfort Care.  And I haven't seen a response on any of them from anyone.  I guess corporate contacts each one individually, if they do at all.

 I told corporate that I will:

1.  NEVER AGAIN purchase another piece of furniture or anything from La-Z-Boy
2.  NEVER AGAIN recommend La-Z-Boy to anyone.

***Other than that, at the moment, 3 months into having the new Reclining Sofa in my Den, I am pleased with it.***
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Seems everyone wants to pass the buck. I hope you get some satisfaction from the company. I like the set , the color is so nice. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Hi Jan, Your sofa recliner is beautiful. I have the same style from La-Z-Boy and the same color but in leather. We do enjoy ours too but it puts me right to sleep to sit in it. haha.
    So sorry you had a bad experience with the delivery and customer service. It seems there is no one accountable anymore and willing to do the right thing. We didn't have a problem when ours was delivered but across the board, this is now rare to not have a problem. Such a shame isn't it?
    I hope you still get some resolve to your experience and the company follows up. So glad you are enjoying it however. It looks gorgeous with your tables, lamps and the art work above.
    Thanks for sharing your review. Have a good week ahead, Blessings xo

  3. Wow, what an ordeal. You were persistent. Such a bad experience does stress us out.
    You design layout looks so pretty.

  4. Customer service just isn't what it used to be, is it, I sure hope you get it all worked out.
    I love your sense of style and of course with your decorating background it is easy to see how you create and decorate so gently and effortlessly.
    Beautiful tables, lamps and art.

  5. First, I want to thank you for your kind comments on my blog post. I truly appreciate it!

    Wow, what a hassle you have had! You like to think that "the squeaky wheel gets the oil," but it's not always the case. Actually, you should not have to be the "squeaker" in the first place, especially with such a well-known company. I'm glad you are enjoying the recliner-sofa....looks very comfy!

    Warm hugs,

  6. Thank you for the great overview of your experience. I found this article doing a general Google search on reclining sofas. I almost purchased that exact sofa (the Niagara) in I believe that exact fabric (Hush Puppy, C948465). Is that the sofa and fabric you chose? Also, it looks like a manual recline (not power), is that correct? I had a reclining La-Z-Boy couch for 12 years (manual recliner) and fixed the mechanism myself several times. So, I'm pretty familiar with the issues a person would have over time. In general, all I ever had to do was replace a screw that had come out from one of the metal arms. There was also some bending of the metal relating to how they secured the back, but I was able to always bend that back into place. When looking at the mechanisms they use now however (in all of their recliners, including the Niagara), I noticed that they are now using some plastic. I didn't take time to figure out which reclining part the plastic controlled (the rest was metal), but seeing this bothered me quite a bit. La-Z-Boy is not cheap in cost. My prior sofa was all metal for the recliner parts. The fact that there is "any" plastic in the reclining mechanism worries me in regards to the long-term reliability of the mechanism. In the end, I went with a reclining sectional from Haverty's. It's made in China (like just about everything nowadays) and I hated to do that. But, I suspect that La-Z-Boy cut a lot of corners to keep things here and based on what I saw, I wonder about their long-term reliability now. They might have went a bit too far. Perhaps their service department is getting slammed because of it, which is perhaps why you had such trouble getting through in a timely manner. But, that is all speculation on my part. In comparison, the La-Z-Boy seemed more plush and would not have shown dog hair as easily (with the Hush Puppy fabric) as my now dark-brown sectional does. But, it seems as if the one I got is a little more solid. Time will tell I suppose. Sorry about your ordeal but thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your comment! It is the Niagara Sofa - in Lambskin Fabric and the actual color is Walnut. I've had lots of experience with different manufacturers and their reclining furniture, being in furniture sales and interior design most of my life. The service department La-Z-Boy used to have was easy to reach. If no one was in, you got voice mail and calls were returned in a timely manner. Since they went to Comfort Care...not anymore. :(