Silver & Gold - Post from One Year Ago

I loved this post from exactly ONE YEAR ago [January 3, 2014] I decided to re-post it today.  I hope you enjoy it along with me.  As I was Visiting many of you, looking at Holiday Tablescapes, I saw such beauty!  From decorations, centerpieces, candles, dishes, silver, was all so marvelous and so sparkling!  It got me going on-line to snoop - or shop!  No, I didn't purchase anything...
but I did find several silver plate as well as stainless steel sets of Flatware.

I'd love to know what set you would choose for yourself...they are numbered, in the comments, just tell me which one you prefer.  You can tell me why, if you want to...that would be nice.  I'll tell you later on, which one is my top selection. 

This year, I've absolutely been smitten with beautiful Flatware - especially anything GOLD!  It's so warm and beautiful.  I think if I get any new Flatware it will be Gold Plated.  It will go with all of my beautiful Old Country Roses China and 2 other patterns of China that I have that have gold detail on them.  

Aren't they beautiful?  They're so different, that's what attracted me to all of them.  My favorite is Set #6, PADOVA and has been since I first saw it.  Now it's not available anywhere!  SOLD OUT!

Set #3B Amalfi or #5B Botticelli, Yellow Gold Plate would be my 2nd choice.  I love the details and the gold.

So, now tell me, do you prefer Stainless Steel, Silver Plate or Gold Plate?
Which set is your Favorite?

If your favorite isn't shown here, put the name of it in the comments and leave a link to it for me.  I'd love to see it. 
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Hi Jan, this is a great post and thanks for re-sharing it once again. I love number 3&4.
    Hope you had a great first new years weekend. xo