I've Been Diligently Working To Get My House In Order

You know how difficult it is to get anything done when you have little children under foot?  Or you have dogs going wild?  Or if you don't physically feel well?  Or you're depressed?  Or you simply run out of time and money?  Well...some of those things interfered in my getting my House in order.  For years, due to stress and Bell's Palsy and just not feeling my best...everything kept getting put off to another day...and
quickly months and years slipped by with nothing finished.

Well, 2015 and 2016 are taking care of that!  I am feeling so much better...and have almost no remaining symptoms of Bell's Palsy...and I'm not letting days "slip" by any longer!

I want to share the Master Bedroom the way it had been for a number of years.  I hope to share what the Master Bedroom looks like NOW, with all the changes a little later in the week!

I have never been a "blue" girl, but decided to paint the Master Bedroom a grey-blue.  With the golden sheers and flowers in the comforter and drapes...along with the little blue flowers in the fabric, it was OK.  I didn't love it but I didn't hate it either...so it remained for a good number of years.  These pictures were from BEFORE I had NEW carpeting put into the house in 2010...see, I told you things haven't been changed in a while.

This is also the old bedroom set - which was replaced in 2014.  YIKES!  The lamps in the photo here were purchased at Lowe's - 2 in a box for $99 in 2005, before moving into this new house.

From the closet door into the Master Bathroom - with a jetted tub under the window.

The door is to my closet which measures approximately 12 feet x 7 feet...big right?  I love it.  I don't only have my clothes in there, but just about anything and everything that doesn't have a regular storage space is in there.  I don't have a basement, an attic and I don't like storing things in the garage...too much trouble getting to it up on shelves and all.

Just a couple of not-so-in-focus photos of the walk-in closet!

A glimpse of the Master Bathroom and it's chandelier.

I really liked the neutral color scheme I had with this blue.  It was very soothing.

But, NOW, after getting out my paint, roller and ladder and getting busy painting...it looks alot different.

Now...to leave you with just a hint of how my Master Bedroom looks is this awful photograph...taken several months ago. 

Until later this week...♥
Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. Wow Jan. You've given us a little preview and I can't wait to see the finish. What a fabulous closet. The before looks beautiful so I can only imagine the changes!!
    Happy new week. xo