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Following damage to our property and an injury to me by a neighbor, we planned a courtyard wall...where I could plant flowers and vegetables and be safe.  At the time, we had thoughts of bringing a dog into our home...but they were only thoughts.  About 8 weeks later, we got our first dog, Jasper.  Three weeks later, we got a playmate named Benny and we needed a way to keep our Pups in our yard!  Since we can't have fences...
 So, the plans were perfect.

Here is the courtyard plan I came up with on my computer.  After ordering all of the materials and having a HUGE truck deliver it all...Tom got busy laying the blocks and building our plan.  When finished, I got my make it pretty!!!  I planted many varieties of HYDRANGEAS and one variety of ROSES.

Here's a Drawing I did on the Computer...for our new Garden and Patio!!Things sure have changed in the last year...and for the better!  Tom and I formed a PLAN for our yard and garden and how it would "shape up" for 2009.  And I'm happy to say, we got it finished. 

Now for BEFORE and AFTER photos.  Summer flew by so quickly and with only getting plants in the ground in mid to late July...the garden didn't progress enough to take GREAT photos.  There's always 2010 and the GARDEN!!!

Wall Courtyard Garden

Oops...see the ball?  Guess who that belongs to...yet another CHANGE in the past year!!!

The black surface was our BRIGHT WHITE concrete patio, which had been previously stained and NOT touched this year.  See the PATCH of green grass?  It measures about 15' x 9'...a nice spot!!!
[the patch of grass has since been removed because the pups were allergic to it]

The following are BEFORE & AFTER Photos...

BEFORE  Summer Garden 2008 - looking from the back corner of our yard...toward the street
and NOW - AFTER!!!

The raised planter walls are about 28" tall - with a double tier (one shorter) at the very back and at the front of the patio.   We now have an 950 square foot Courtyard for our Outdoor Furniture, Grill and Pups!  



Our Pups...Benny on the left and Jasper on the right.  We got Jasper when he was 9 months old - from a breeder in Indiana - on May 16th.  Three weeks later, we got Benny - from the same breeder.  He was 12 weeks old.  When Benny became a member of our family, he weighed just 5# and Jasper weighed 5 1/2#.  Jasper was taller, so Benny could scoot right under Jasper's belly.  Not so anymore!!!  Jasper weighs 8# and Benny weighs 13#...and still growing.  They are the BEST dogs we could have ever gotten!!  They play well together and keep themselves occupied.  They entertain us all the time!!

Here are a few more photos of them...


Now they have a Courtyard to Play in! ♥

[this post is from May 1, 2012 - brought back for today]

***Sadly, Benny passed away from a Neurological Disorder at the age of 4 years and 9 months...on December 7, 2013***

Jan Tanis
Jan Tanis

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  1. They are precious Jan. i know you miss Benny. I miss our Sasha and Lacy. The courtyard is great for the pups. xo

  2. Jan, I read this and I see that time has passed but I'm sorry about your little dog passing.

    Your garden plans and the outcome are wonderful! Flower beds and gardens are my love language. I'd love to see it this spring! You'll post it again, right?

    Thanks again for joining TOHOT #2. We are honored to have you.


  3. Hi Jan, it is so nice to take a look back at your beautiful court yard and the pups. Yes, so much has changed and you faced it all with courage and grace. I am so inspired by you my friend. Thanks for sharing the memories. Wishing you a great weekend ahead. Always enjoy your music. Blessings xo

  4. Hi Jan! I love your patio area, or court yard like Celeste said. had me with all the snaps of your little fuzzy faces! Oh, they are just too darling. I need a dog!
    Be a sweetie,

  5. Such great pictures, Jan. I know how much you must miss your little pup. I have lost two cats over the years, Tigger and Buddy, and know how hard it is, when your pets have become part of your family. They end up being like one of your kids!