Pocket Pies - Fun and Tasty Individual Pies

William Sonoma had several of these Pocket Pie Molds available some years ago and I bought many of them.  My favorite mold was the Lattice Mold.  I also have the Star, Apple, Pumpkin and Heart Molds.  {You can probably locate these on eBay or somewhere like that, since WS has discontinued them.}  You can use your own home-made recipe for Pie Dough or a ready-made Pie Crust will do just fine too.  The same for Pie Filling...your own home-made favorite or a jar or even a can of Pie Filling works just as well too.  Brush with an Egg wash and sprinkle with sugar before baking, to create a nicely brown...
crunchy and sweet top to your pies.  My favorite fillings are 4 Berries and Apple...and I love the Pie Fillings I purchase at one of MY Favorite Shops in Door County, Wisconsin when I'm on vacation there.  

These Pies are so easy to make, too.  Besides everyone having their own personal pie, everyone gets a crispy top and bottom crust, which is something most pie eaters LOVE.

The pies taste delicious still warm from the oven...and they taste delicious room temperature or cold the next day.  Add ice cream and have it Ala Mode!  Yummy!

The squares in the top of the mold, are what make the lattice cuts in your pie crust.  Nifty!

Yesterday, I decided to pull the Lattice Mold from the cupboard and make pies.   I made Berry, Apple and Cherry Pies.  The Pies went very quickly! I'm lucky I got a couple for myself.  I sent a platter of a few to a neighbor. With all the pies disappearing, I didn't have a chance to snap a picture! 

 You use the Mold to cut your pie crust shapes and then you place the cut crusts into the mold, fill, press, remove and bake!

Peach Pocket Pie, Ala Mode

Here's the Apple Mold


William Sonoma Apple Pocket Pie Mold Video

Now that I've got you "hooked" on these babies, I have to tell you that William Sonoma doesn't sell them anymore.  I was able to locate some William Sonoma Pie Molds on eBAY and I also found this Lattice Mold at Neatly Smart on-line.  They are in stock and cost $6.02.

This Pie Mold from Neatly Smart makes approximately 4.5"/11.5cm pies. Clever mold to easily make mini pies. Use Mold to cut pastry dough into pie shape, including pattern for lattice vented top crust. Place dough in mold and fill with ingredients. Close top mold to seal and crimp. Fill with fruit, berries, meats, cheeses, vegetables and more. Portable and fun! Ideal for parties, BBQ's, picnics and lunches. Recipe and instructions included.

Just another clever idea...everyone loves 'em whenever I make 'em!
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Jan Tanis

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  1. Hi Jan, aren't these the cutest!! How fun do use these darling pie molds. You are such a talented chef and baker. I can see these being a big hit at any gathering. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jan, I have one I got for Christmas,but I haven't really used it the truth is I don't know of any pie fillings. Mine comes like a iron and you press down. You can make several at a a time. I love your though need to visit the Williams and Sanoma web sight.

  3. Jan, at Christmas we make Apricot Tarts using one of the old Pampered Chef cutters. I think something like this would work too and it would be prettier. I'm going to check them out. Williams Sonoma is dangerous for my husband and me. We love it there!

    I'm glad you shared this today at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. Love your music...it's so pretty and soothing. Pinned. :)

  4. Oh I am going to take look on Ebay. These molds are darling!
    It is such a joy to have you join the gathering at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. You really help to elevate it to something very special.

  5. Thanks for sharing this...I am going to buy one to make little pies for my Bunco group in April....