Shopping Review - Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

Since December, I've been using ONLY Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Products to clean my house.  I love them.  They cover all the cleaning needs throughout the house and they clean well...and are sensibly priced.  And with any order over $30, shipping is free.

My TWO Favorite Scents are Lemon Verbena and Rosemary.  All of their Ingredients are at least 99% naturally derived.  That's special!  Even though I've used Lavender Essential Oil for years, I...
don't like the Lavender at all because to me, the scent is just "off".
  Ingredients are at least 94% naturally derived. 




The Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Kitchen Basics Set is an easy way to introduce a friend (or yourself) to our all-natural Rosemary scented kitchen cleaners! The set contains our favorite eco-friendly cleaning products, including Liquid Dish Soap, Liquid Hand Soap and Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner. No substitutions. 

Ingredients are at least 99% naturally derived.

I have used just about every product available in both scents...and love them all.  All of my orders have arrived packaged very well - each item in a plastic zip-loc bag - with spouts taped down and then all wrapped in brown paper - in a compartmentalized box.  How's that for GREAT shipping?

I did order several items in their Lavender Scent, since I use alot of Lavender Essential Oils and other products with Lavender......but I didn't like it at all.  I got a headache, stuffy nose, sneezing and had to re-wash my laundry and dishes in the dishwasher and re-clean surfaces to get rid of the smell.

But, hats off to their Customer Service Department!!  An email, explaining my dilemma and they were very quick to rectify my problem - much to my satisfaction.

They did state the following in that email:

"The Lavender is one of our strongest fragrances. It is an acquired taste."

I have not received anything for doing this Shopping Tutorial...or giving them a Great Review.  I just LOVE their products - shipping and customer service.

Click HERE to check out their Website.

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  1. Hi Jan, It's always wonderful when you find a product you really love and works well. Sounds like great customer service too. Great tutorial to share your thoughts. I think the company would love this ad from you. Have a great weekend. Blessings xo

  2. Good Morning Jan,
    Love this post and these products. We are even using Mrs. Meyers Laundry soap and dryer sheets! The scents are so subtle and fresh. Now you have inspired me to try their cleaning products too.
    Thank you for sharing this with us today, we so appreciate it.